Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why We Make Goals


I myself have never been a very organized person....just ask my family. This year as many of you who have been readers know that we are on our journey to "simplify." I always adored the perfect looks of fellow bloggers home, and compared myself to them. Why cant I follow through with my goals like them? Why can't I keep a spic and span home ready for company at the drop of a hat? My list of questions was a mile long. I was making goals that were solely born from the guilt of not measuring up to others. I realized  how superficial I was being by comparing myself to someone else who number one I was not anything like and number two I needed to celebrate who The Lord created me to be. Goals are about being a good steward and cultivating what you have been given and where you are in life. I begin to look at my life and realized I was living the ultimate life that I had dreamt of as a little girl. I have an incredible husband, three beautiful children, and living the western way of life on the family ranch. We wanted for nothing. I realized that it was time to look at the big picture and to see where I wanted my family to be in the long run. It was time to do some serious soul searching and dig deeper than what I wanted my life to appear as. 

Today my feelings and prayers were reaffirmed as I listened to the Goal Digger Podcast that a friend had shared on Facebook. I strongly encourage you to take a listen, as a mom who seriously has a limited amount of time for anything extra Podcast have been wonderful. While I'm cooking, cleaning, folding laundry I'll turn a podcast on and indulge in being poured into. I wanted to share a few things that hit home with me through this podcast that I hope can help you in your goal setting. 
1) Goals may be for a season 
Wow, just WOW! I've never thought of this in my life. Your goals might be a new business venture or simplifying your belongings. All goals are not long term. Also you totally have permission to change your mind along the way to your goals of how you may go about achieving them. I also love the idea of refreshing your goals every few months. We as people change our minds and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Embrace your goals and don't be afraid of tweeking things in the long run. 
2) Look at the Big Picture
When making your goals think of how this will help your life actually be better and not just appear better. Where do you want to see yourself when you're 80? I know exactly where I want to be. I want in my rocker on the front porch keeping my great grandchildren and family dinners every Sunday. I want my life to always revolve around my faith and family. I encourage to always dig deeper when you're making your goals. This I feel has really helped me keep on track. I mean coming into March and I'm still on board...that's saying something for me. It's all about uncovering goals that are already there. 
3) Learning from the Past
Lessons we learn from the hard things propel us forward into what is next. Just let that set in for a moment. Just because we don't achieve our goals the first time we set out doesn't mean there was a reason God put that trial in your way. He may be wanting you to learn something to help you in the journey to acheiving. 
4) Finding Inspiration
The lady said that she was a personal trainer at one point. She had a male client that wanted to lose 20 pounds. She asked him why and he said because that's what he weighed in college. She said that wasn't much inspiration to keep going each day at the gym. She asked him to dig a little deeper as to why this was his goal. He came back to day because he wanted to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. Wow, now that's some inspiration. Instead of just wanting to look good in a bathing suit why not think of the big picture of being there for family. Be in the moment and make those memories. 

I hope this helped you as much as it did me. I feel so refreshed in my goals in knowing that there's much more than a set goal to comeplete, but a lifestyle change that will help me hang onto these fleeting moments with my husband and children. We will be able to look back and smile at how simple the times were and how we enjoyed each other. 

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