Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Husband's Love Language


As a rancher's wife I spend a lot of time alone. Most days he's gone long before sunrise and home long after the sun sets. It's a very rewarding lifestyle as we get to raise our children in wide open spaces and teach them responsibility, care, and nurturing of God's creations. 

I as a wife and mother take on a lot of responsibilities around the home as my husband spends most of his time taking care of cattle, mending fences, and so on. I find myself becoming very selfish as I feel that he just "looks for things" to keep him from home. The devil tells me that maybe he's tired of me or he just doesn't want to help with the kids. I get in these terrible funks of becoming hateful toward him when he finally gets home way past the kid's bedtimes. When I've spent all day cleaning up mess after mess, feeding, bathing, and tucking in the kids all by myself in yesterday's day spit up stained clothes.  The daily grind gets hard to bare, and when he gets home I'm short with him. 

These days are more often than I'd like to admit to y'all. But today I was poured into by a panel of wonderful and godly mentor mothers. A man's sole "love language" as you might call it is providing for his family. He measures his worth as a man and feels the pressure of judgement from the outside world on his ability to provide. This spoke to my heart and completely broke me. How could I be so cold and frustrated toward my husband when all he wants to do is provide for his family by keeping a warm home, meals on the table, and ensuring he can spoil the kids and I? This kind hearted loving man works his mind, body, and soul to their breaking points for me and his children. What better picture of love could a woman ask for? 

Today he is out there doctoring yearlings in freezing temperatures  and howling wind for us. Today I will not complain that he might get home way after dark, I will not complain that he gets to take an hour long bath while I bathe and tuck the kids in, instead I will shower him with the grace and love that my savior showers me in so underservingly daily. I will have a smile on and a hug and a kiss waiting for him when his boots hit the doorway. I will have a warm meal waiting for him to be put on his plate, because I know he rarely even stops for lunch most days. I will affirm how wonderful he truly is, and ask how his day is instead of complaining of how tired I am. I choose to remember just why I fell in love with him 8 years ago, and reflect on that daily to keep our relationship fresh. There are days I think he's the worst ever and days I follow him around like a lost puppy. I want him to know just how much I treasure him and the sacrifices he makes for his family. After all we have a lifetime to enjoy together. 

I'm excited to feel "poured into" today! I just had to share with y'all today! 

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