Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Lil Wildflower

Hey y'all! What a week it has been at the Finney home. I felt like on Tuesday that it was already the longest week of my life. Cameron has been working super late pretty well all week on top of my week of craziness! Monday afternoon after grocery shopping our sweet happy go lucky Clancy Lou started screaming. I had stopped at the barn to doctor Cameron's horse while she was sleeping her car seat and the older two had suckers. I peaked my head in to check on them and Clancy was screaming. I though no big deal I'll leave him tied up and run the kiddos to the house and feed her. I went to feed her and she just kept screaming. I thought ok maybe her clothes are bothering her. I stripped her down to nothing and checked her toes for hair wrapped around them. Nothing. I bounced and sang and she kept right on screaming. An house later I decided it was time to call in to the pedi. They got her in that afternoon. My dad kept Pecos and Taos, and his wife and I ran her to the doctor. When we got there she was calm as can be. I explained that she had been spitting up quite a bit more and having discomfort from it as well. Clancy was diagnosed with Reflux. I thought to myself ok, maybe this has been her issue this whole time. After another scream fest in Walgreens we got her meds and it was seriously instant relief.
Tuesday was the big day to get her lip tie reversed. I stressed all day about this, because Monday night she kept waking from being congested. I felt bad going through with it if she was suffering from a cold and then adding the pain from her procedure. We went in and I held her as the worked on her. She wasn't too happy though it but that evening she was so happy I couldn't believe it. She nursed like a champ just five minutes after having her lip tie done. I promise you Mamas it is well worth it! That night she slept from 10 to 8 the next morning and never woke to eat. She usually is up at around 3 to eat most nights and that is it. I felt for the first time in her life she was actually emptying my breast and getting full. She has kept a healthy weight gain this far, but I certainly can't wait to go back in October for her 2 month wellness check to see if she flourishes better now that she can actually move her top lip to get a way better latch on my breast. I did not notice how painful her nursing had gotten  until I felt the relief that afternoon. The next day she slept pretty well all day only waking for her Zantac, feeding, and tending to her nose. I feel that her being congested bothered her more than her lip. Before she would nurse I would just rub a tiny bit of all natural orajel on her top lip and gums. Today I'm happy to say she back to her normal happy self and her mouth is seriously almost all the way healed.
That all being said we are glad that the weekend is near and to share this adorable onesie from our friends at My Lil Wildflower. If you know me personally or just from social media you know that I thrive on out of the norm. From clothing to home d├ęcor I just love owning my own style. This has been a passion of my from childhood. The onesie Clancy Lou is wearing today is called "Indian Headdress". It comes in sizes Newborn to 5T,and they are printed on 100% cotton unisex bodysuits and tees.. They are professionally printed and made to order. Can we just talk about how cute this design is? I myself am completely obsessed with anything Native American. What a rich heritage history they have. Not to mention the gorgeous earthy tones through out the feathers. I'm all about the golden tones this Fall. I cannot wait to share more from My Lil Wildflower with y'all!
Clancy is wearing the 3 to 6 month size. She is 11 pounds 12 ounces and about 22 1/2 inches long. She has a tiny bit of growing room left.
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Thank y'all for stopping by today!

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