Thursday, August 11, 2016

First Week of Three Little's

Well Friday was the day our baby girl turns a week old! Wow, it just keeps going quicker with each kiddo. This week has been one full of cuddles from all three of my babies. Pecos and Taos have adjusted so well to their brand new baby sister. I have been worried about how they would react the first week to having a baby in the house. Pecos is completely obsessed and her new nickname is the baby hog. She is constantly wanting to hold and kiss Clancy. At times I have to tell her you have to give sissy her space, but I'd much rather her love her than not love her!! Taos is taking to his little sister quite well. He doesn't mind the crying like I thought he might. He just says "sissy is sad Mama." It's quite sweet. Anything that has to do with Clancy he always has a huge smile on his face. Thankfully Clancy can sleep through pretty well anything. Playtime can get rough and noisy with Pecos and Taos at times. Taos dropped the metal sink to their  kitchen set right under her swing a few days ago and she didn't even flinch. If she didn't pass her hearing test I would swear she couldn't hear! 

Clancy is a great little sleeper and eater. The first couple of day I felt like I had to force her to eat. She came so quickly that she still had quite a bit of amniotic fluid in her lungs she had to get rid of. She was spitting up and gagging the first few days. It was hard for her to eat. After that subsided she turned into a champion eater and sleeper. As of now she only wakes up at 1 and 4 to eat and goes right back to sleep. Thank you Jesus! 🙌🏼 
I wanted to share with you a few things I would have never survived the first week of being a "Mama of 3."

1) Lanisoh Soothie Gel Pads & Nipple Cream
The first couple days we suffered from a terrible latch, and honestly were still fighting Clancy to open her mouth wide enough to get enough on her mouth. My nipples were so blistered and bloody. I've never experienced this awful pain before. We made our first Target run for these two items alone. After a day of applying the cream and wearing the gel pads I had significant healing. They were not blistered or bloody the next morning. I still keep the cream on to keep them moisturized. 

2) Activities for the Bigs
Pecos and Taos are handling mama's shared attention quite well. We've talked about it for the last month. Sometimes you can talk all you want, but they're little and still need mama. This being said we bought them a Leap Frog for the to share. Even though there have been some knock out drag outs over it, it has been a lifesaver. A few other things that have been great for feeding time are coloring books, play dough, and books. These items can keep the kiddos occupied for a while. I make an effort to put Clancy down during the morning while she sleeps to hold and play with them. And in the evenings about 8 I'll strap her in the wrap and we go outside to enjoy some fresh air. 

3) Support
Whether your support system is your husband, significant other, bestie, mom, or grandma they are so important!! It my case the saying "it takes a village to raise a child." I would not have survived the first week home of being mama of three without my amazing husband, inlaws and mom. My inlaws kept the kiddos while we were in the hospital and stayed till Sunday. My mom made us an amazing meal of chicken enchiladas. Cameron has been completely amazing. Taos has been helping Daddy check heifers being paid in candy! 😂 Daddy has cooked, helped bathe, and anything else I may have needed help with. I sure love that man with all my heart....I fall in love with him a little more each day! 😘 
4) Nursing Tanks
I seriously have been living in these things!! I bought mine at Target for $20. They're just so easy to unhook and get to feeding when Clancy is ready to go without a second to wait. They're comfortable and actually kinda cute with the button down middle. 

5) Evening Wallks
Getting out of the house after a few days was so key to helping me feeling like myself again. I'm a total outdoor girl. Don't get me wrong I love being in my house because it's my castle, but I always feel the need to go get outside! It's nice to get some fresh air and let the kiddos run wild for an hour. 

This weekend we took Clancy to her Lolli's graduation. We are so proud of her for following her dreams of being a teacher! We had great family time and ended up staying the night. Yesterday we had an impromptu newborn shoot with Cameron's aunt. She is incredibly talented with a camera. Clancy did so well and they turned out PERFECT!  

This first week has been a dream. I still can't believe we're parents of three!! We are so blessed that things SO FAR have been going so well. 
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