Monday, May 9, 2016

Welcoming Baby to Master Bedroom

Bringing baby in Master Bedroom

Good Monday morning! I hope each and everyone of one had a great Mothers Day weekend! We enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend. So many snuggles and good food!

Today I'm bringing you a few items that will help you welcome your new family member into your master bedroom without totally losing the romance. It's a hard adjustment for both mom and dad bringing a new baby to the family. The sleepless nights and the disorder that comes along with that to their "sanctuary". 

A great candle is always a must have in your bedroom baby or no baby. Bridgewater Candle Company. My sister just got me one for Mother's Day. Sweet Grace smells absolutely amazing and at Sincerely Yours in Iowa Park she has a great collection and even will monogram a candle as a gift or even treating yourself!

A wire basket beside your bed can be very handy for keeping extra sleepers for baby, diapers, wipes, breast pads, books, or any essential for those late night feedings and diaper changes. It's a cute way to stay organized with your new baby. 

Lavender sheet spray is a great thing to keep handy in between sheet changes. A quick spray of your sheets before bedtime and it feels like you're diving into a field of lavender for a relaxing great nights sleep. 

A few new throw pillows to add to your bed always make you feel cheery!!! We love anything Navajo patterned! You don't have to spend a fortune, run my Target or Pier 1 for a few great pillows!! 

A boppy is a must have for the sleepy night feedings whether your breast of bottle feeding. The baby stays comfortable in your arms and safe if you accidentally doze off for a quick second!!

A swing or cradle for baby to sleep in if you choose not to co sleep. Ours is exactly like the one pictures, but painted a great antiqued green. 

Ive included some incredibly great pieces from Cimmaron River Estilo. My friend Sadie has some super cute Navajo inspired baby essentials. We absolutely adore our Navajo swaddle set we recorded for Clancy Louise! It is on sale for a great price! It comes with the choice of a top knot newborn hat or bow. The material is incredible soft and stretchy to wrap your baby up like a sweet little burrito! Last night during our movie night Taos had to try it out!!

Cimmaron River Estilo also has the cutest cactus crib sheet, along with other patterns. The list goes on with great bibs, leggings, adult apparel, Navajo jewelry, and baby moccasins! I strongly recommend that you check the link below to shop and follow her along on Instagram @shopcimmaronriverestilo 

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