Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Current Makeup Routine

Current Makeup Routine

We have made it to the middle of the week! Yay us!!! Today I wanted to share with you my current makeup faves and routine. If you're anything like me, you are always changing makeup products to see what you like. I'm a huge ULTA fan....don't tell my husband that I'm a platinum member please!! 😂 

My routine can take as long as I want or as quickly as I want, and that's why I love it. This might be most favorite round up of products I've had so far! I start out with moisturizer from Mary Kay then go ahead with my foundation from Tarte. This is truly an amazing product and rave about it pretty much all the time! It's a 12 hour Amazon clay product, and it seriously last all day! I have struggled finding the right product that at 2:00 PM it looks like I still have a fresh face. Also Anastasia Beverly Hill cream contour kit it's the cats pajamas! I can make my contouring as complex or simple as I'd like. Usually I got for simple hitting all the high spots that a Momma needs! I go heavy under eyes, light on forehead, line down my nose, and around the bottom of my nose to cover my red with the highlights. And most days I skip the contour all together, but if I'm feeling I need an extra pick me up ill do a small contour down my cheek bone line and I seriously feel like a maybe not! 😂😂😂 Then I take a damp beauty blender and make swooping motions until everything looks even and I have a great momma glow. Next I come in with some quick blush from Too Faced. I have seriously used this product to the bottom of the it's sweet little heart! It's a multi toned shimmer blush that gives me a great summer kissed look in no time at all. If I contour that day I love to take Too Faced's Selfie Powders and take the dark color and just etch my cheeks out and blend in with my blush. I have always been a mascara junkie and have tried about everyone there is, but Better than Sex from Too Faced is my absolute favorite! It gives my stubborn lashes lift and thickness that is just heavenly! Most days I keep away from eye shadow, because there's a toddler nagging at my leg. I do love eye shadows though! I tip my looks off with a great nude shade from Too Faced's melted collection called Sugar. I love them feminine and simple look of beauty it gives. Pecos always wants to give me extra kisses so she can have some lipstick too! 💄💕 

I hope you can find some of these products helpful to quicken up your makeup routine all while improving your Momma look for everyday!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Welcoming Baby to Master Bedroom

Bringing baby in Master Bedroom

Good Monday morning! I hope each and everyone of one had a great Mothers Day weekend! We enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend. So many snuggles and good food!

Today I'm bringing you a few items that will help you welcome your new family member into your master bedroom without totally losing the romance. It's a hard adjustment for both mom and dad bringing a new baby to the family. The sleepless nights and the disorder that comes along with that to their "sanctuary". 

A great candle is always a must have in your bedroom baby or no baby. Bridgewater Candle Company. My sister just got me one for Mother's Day. Sweet Grace smells absolutely amazing and at Sincerely Yours in Iowa Park she has a great collection and even will monogram a candle as a gift or even treating yourself!

A wire basket beside your bed can be very handy for keeping extra sleepers for baby, diapers, wipes, breast pads, books, or any essential for those late night feedings and diaper changes. It's a cute way to stay organized with your new baby. 

Lavender sheet spray is a great thing to keep handy in between sheet changes. A quick spray of your sheets before bedtime and it feels like you're diving into a field of lavender for a relaxing great nights sleep. 

A few new throw pillows to add to your bed always make you feel cheery!!! We love anything Navajo patterned! You don't have to spend a fortune, run my Target or Pier 1 for a few great pillows!! 

A boppy is a must have for the sleepy night feedings whether your breast of bottle feeding. The baby stays comfortable in your arms and safe if you accidentally doze off for a quick second!!

A swing or cradle for baby to sleep in if you choose not to co sleep. Ours is exactly like the one pictures, but painted a great antiqued green. 

Ive included some incredibly great pieces from Cimmaron River Estilo. My friend Sadie has some super cute Navajo inspired baby essentials. We absolutely adore our Navajo swaddle set we recorded for Clancy Louise! It is on sale for a great price! It comes with the choice of a top knot newborn hat or bow. The material is incredible soft and stretchy to wrap your baby up like a sweet little burrito! Last night during our movie night Taos had to try it out!!

Cimmaron River Estilo also has the cutest cactus crib sheet, along with other patterns. The list goes on with great bibs, leggings, adult apparel, Navajo jewelry, and baby moccasins! I strongly recommend that you check the link below to shop and follow her along on Instagram @shopcimmaronriverestilo 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Ahoy Amigo Boys Summer Must Haves!

Ahoy Amigo Boys Summer Must Haves!

Good Friday morning everyone!!! I have been looking forward to this day since I went to bed on Sunday!! How awful of me to wish a week away, but it's been such a long one of early rising and cooking all day!! I'm so thankful we have made it through the week!

I have been obsessing over Ahoy Amigo's new line they released for Spring/Summer! The puppy and cats are so cute!! Today I'm bringing you some new with the old of their collection. They have great children's clothing ranging from newborn to 8 years old. I'm highlighting some  of my favorites from the boy collection. I know a few of these items ( I wish all of them) will be on Taos' birthday present list. We have one shirt from there "Always Hungry" and we have worn the heck out of it. The shirts are made of the  softest organic cotton and wash and wear very well. We wear it to play and even "go to town" in. They are so versatile. We love harem shorts as well, well the few pairs Taos has!! He sometimes sleeps in them if we're out of Jammie's, wears them to church activities, grocery store, pretty much wherever! 

We all know our kids, especially my little man, are animal lovers. They will squeal with excitement when the see doggies and kitties on their shirts, rompers, even shorts with silly glasses!  Also I feel anything from the collection can be mixed and match any look you might be wanting to achieve. If you're anything like me, your kids always look about a million times cuter than you!! I'm over here still squeezing into pre pregnancy pants with the last  efforts of rubber bands and long tank tops! 😂 
I hope you enjoy these super soft and fun tees and shorts for you little man! I know I cannot wait to start birthday shopping for Taos!!!
Their k.i.d.part two collections launches today at 10 am with limited quantities of some super cute designs!! Don't miss it! 
 Also a 20% off code will be announced
 at 10am EST! Check 

Tomorrow I'll have the girl collection....Mommas you're gonna just die!

Happy weekend!


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mothers Day Inspo

Mothers Day Inspo

Good Thursday morning!! We've almost made it through the week! It's been a hard one on me cooking starting at 4 each morning and going all day till the last dish is washed at dinner and babies tucked away with a kiss. I forgot what the last trimester felt like from the swollen hands and feet and achey back all while juggling this weeks schedule and two temperamental toddlers at times. I'm thankful for two more days and then the weekend!

I put together a cute outfit for your Mothers Day outing, whether it be church or brunch this look tops them off. This dress style fits so many different body types just right! I've seen pregnant and not pregnant women wear this and it looks absolutely stunning on them. Add done comfy sandals and cute fringed backpack for all your momma essentials and you've got a classic look. Bauble Bar is my favorite place to shop nicer lookingjewelry at a great price! Top you Mother's Day look off with a light shade of pink for your lips to keep yourself feeling girly and fresh, great lashes, and some great cat eye shades!

You can shop and browse this look by clicking the picture above! Don't forget the Hootie Hu giveaway ends tomorrow!!

Happy Thursday!



Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hootie Hu Mother's Day Giveaway!

Good afternoon!!! Western Homestead and Hootie Hu have teamed up for a great Mother's Day Giveaway!!! 

Enter to win your very own adult sized Hootie Hu minky blanket.  This gorgeous blanket measures approximately 57X70. This makes for a great movie night blanket or even on your bed as a lighter comforter. This retails for $185. 

Please be sure to enter as many times as you can!! Good luck!

Giveaway ends Friday!