Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sweet Dollies Under $30

Anthropologie Dolls

Good stormy Tuesday from Texas!!! So I share some super precious dolls from a handmade shop in Australia called Sweet Peach Handmade. These dollies are so perfect, but they come with a large price tag of almost $100. If you're a Momma like me, that price is just a smidgen out of your price range. I stumbled across these super sweet dollies from Anthropologie for just $25!! They have the same vintage feel, yet more people may have the same Dollie as your little girl. I don't see a problem with this when you're saving some money!! That's more money in your pocket for zoo trips, ice cream dates, or maybe gas money. 

I hope y'all enjoy these dollies as much as I do! I can't wait to order my girls a matching pair! 

Hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy that rain, I known will! 

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