Monday, February 29, 2016

Nursery Inspiration

Nursery Inspiration

Good Tuesday morning everyone! What a beautiful last few days it has been here in Texas!! We have enjoyed so much time outside playing and riding the kid's pony, that we did not even start working on bedrooms. Thankfully we still have 22 weeks to get all that fun stuff done!

Today I'm bringing you my inspiration for our sweet beautiful nameless baby girl's nursery! There are so many great nursery items out there so this one took me a while to narrow down and honestly I redid it about three times until I finally decided on these few cute items! I'm really loving the softness of the pinks and shimmer whites and sweet florals, so here we go!

1. This sweet little kitty doll comes Little Peach Handmade. This company is from Australia, but the offer shipping to the US. Each doll is made completely unique and has been cut entirely free-hand with out using a pattern or template. As you can tell the sweet details on these dolls are so amazing and one-of-a-kind. This is an item that is a little pricey, but as I've said with a unique and great quality of a product it's worth its weight in gold. There will be some saving done on this Momma's agenda for this item.

2. If you follow any Momma bloggers or baby boutique you can that sheep haired rugs are a great must have for not only nurseries, but wonderful photo ops.

3.These super cute heart ottomans come from Target's collection from Oh Joy! In either color this piece offers such a  soft girly vibe with at the same time be functional. I encourage you to follow @ohjoy on instagram for more inspiration in everyday life!

4. Old books are always a fun touch to any room, whether they be stacked on top of each other topped with embellishments or a great book case. You just can't go wrong here!

5.This paint swatch is perfect for the colors throughout the nursery to keep it nice airy and girly. From pink champagne walls to stark white furniture, and every detail in between these are a great color pallet to stick with.

6. Golden Antler Bow Holder This will be a super fun DYI I can bring to y'all. We have sheds lying around most every where!

7.This sweet floral crib sheet comes from The Little Unicorn. They have super cute and affordable baby bedding that is not your everyday stuff. I'm for sure going to be ordering some of there great swaddles.

8. Flower Initial This will be another DYI I will be bringing to the blog, so be on the look out for that one to come!

9. This sweet security blanket, or lovie, comes from Oh Joy! again! I have always loved flamingoes, so this one was a given for my new baby girl! Also, I will be curating a diaper bag essential post with lots more cuteness from Oh Joy!

10. Flower Mobil This piece is yet another DYI I will be putting on the blog. This is such a beautiful and sweet piece. It was first thing that caught my eye when I began looking for inspiration for her nursery.

Thanks for stopping by today, and don't forgot to go vote today! I can't wait to start all these cute and sweet little DYI projects with y'all! Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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