Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's a GIRL!

As most of y'all know that follow me on social media we announced yesterday that the fifth member of the Finney family will be another baby girl!!! We are completely ecstatic!

Sadly Taos and Dad had Taos out of the big fun while they finished up feeding cattle. We started early only running into a blowout on the feeder and no siren. Our feed trucks were in the shop of course. Pecos accompanied Momma and my oldest sister. Pecos jumped and danced around the room with the sonogram tech said "It's a Girl!" It's so funny because since day one she has told us that the baby was a girl. It's very funny how children seems to have a better idea than we adults sometimes!

 Cameron is a little worried about having another girl to watch the boys with, but I have a good feeling big brother will be big enough to fight off all the boys for both of his sisters. Taos knew immediately who he was looking at when I shared the sonogram pictures with him. 

The excitement is in full swing around our house! I've already picked out paint and have tons of wonderful inspiration pinned on a board called <3 CJF <3 Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see all the fun!

As of now we don't have a name picked out, but there's one I'm really pulling for! I have loved this name since I was pregnant with Pecos. Say a little prayer Daddy will agree soon with me!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Wednesday! I can't wait to share the rest of this amazing journey with y'all throughout the next 23 weeks! I'm hoping to add some nursery inspiration, Nursery DIYs, and finish nursery post along with hospital bag and my accounts of surviving three under three post in the future! 


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