Monday, February 22, 2016

Bump Update:16 Weeks

All Photography by Little H Creative

Happy Monday Y'all! Wow how time is flying! Week 16 has been a great one. Four whole months of pregnancy down and five more to go! Baby Snowball is the size of an avocado measuring approximately 4 1/2 inches long and weighing 4 oz. His or hers little ears have moved to the side of the head where they will stay and have developed so much that it can detect sounds that I make. Also even though the eyelids are still sealed shut baby can detect light. In the evenings baby quickening's can be felt, but Daddy is yet to catch a feel. I know the movements in the next few weeks will just keep getting stronger until they're full on kicks and getting up underneath my ribs. I feel that I'm Just as excited this pregnancy as my first about each little event. This journey is a true miracle that I feel so blessed to enjoy.
I am truly in full swing of the second trimester "honeymoon" period. My bump has actually become more permanent, rather than only being noticeable to others just in the I swear this is real!!! I had an appointment last Thursday and I was so happy the entire family joined me to listen to their baby Snowball's heartbeat! The appointment went well and I finally achieved a personal goal of mine. I finally gained A P OUND! I know each pregnancy is different, but with my other two at this point I had already gained 7-10 pounds it seemed by now. I'm praying this trend keeps up throughout this pregnancy. My doctor said the baby is growing perfectly and measuring right on track. I know this time around I have really mad an effort to eat much healthier and I know I double to active keeping up with a three year old and 21 month old.
Today we have our appointment at Stork Vision and I can barely contain my excitement. Pecos is so convinced she will have a little sister so it will be so interesting to see if she gets what she wants or get another precious brother! Taos just knows that Momma's belly means baby. He kisses the "baby" every time he gets the chance. This has been the most fun 16 weeks watching not only the baby grow but Pecos Jane morph into a big sister times two and Taos become more independent and working on becoming a big brother. It does make me said to see him not be my baby anymore, but I know that once the baby arrives we won't know how we every lived without them.
Be on the look out tomorrow for the big reveal and special blog post with the big news!!

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