Monday, February 29, 2016

Nursery Inspiration

Nursery Inspiration

Good Tuesday morning everyone! What a beautiful last few days it has been here in Texas!! We have enjoyed so much time outside playing and riding the kid's pony, that we did not even start working on bedrooms. Thankfully we still have 22 weeks to get all that fun stuff done!

Today I'm bringing you my inspiration for our sweet beautiful nameless baby girl's nursery! There are so many great nursery items out there so this one took me a while to narrow down and honestly I redid it about three times until I finally decided on these few cute items! I'm really loving the softness of the pinks and shimmer whites and sweet florals, so here we go!

1. This sweet little kitty doll comes Little Peach Handmade. This company is from Australia, but the offer shipping to the US. Each doll is made completely unique and has been cut entirely free-hand with out using a pattern or template. As you can tell the sweet details on these dolls are so amazing and one-of-a-kind. This is an item that is a little pricey, but as I've said with a unique and great quality of a product it's worth its weight in gold. There will be some saving done on this Momma's agenda for this item.

2. If you follow any Momma bloggers or baby boutique you can that sheep haired rugs are a great must have for not only nurseries, but wonderful photo ops.

3.These super cute heart ottomans come from Target's collection from Oh Joy! In either color this piece offers such a  soft girly vibe with at the same time be functional. I encourage you to follow @ohjoy on instagram for more inspiration in everyday life!

4. Old books are always a fun touch to any room, whether they be stacked on top of each other topped with embellishments or a great book case. You just can't go wrong here!

5.This paint swatch is perfect for the colors throughout the nursery to keep it nice airy and girly. From pink champagne walls to stark white furniture, and every detail in between these are a great color pallet to stick with.

6. Golden Antler Bow Holder This will be a super fun DYI I can bring to y'all. We have sheds lying around most every where!

7.This sweet floral crib sheet comes from The Little Unicorn. They have super cute and affordable baby bedding that is not your everyday stuff. I'm for sure going to be ordering some of there great swaddles.

8. Flower Initial This will be another DYI I will be bringing to the blog, so be on the look out for that one to come!

9. This sweet security blanket, or lovie, comes from Oh Joy! again! I have always loved flamingoes, so this one was a given for my new baby girl! Also, I will be curating a diaper bag essential post with lots more cuteness from Oh Joy!

10. Flower Mobil This piece is yet another DYI I will be putting on the blog. This is such a beautiful and sweet piece. It was first thing that caught my eye when I began looking for inspiration for her nursery.

Thanks for stopping by today, and don't forgot to go vote today! I can't wait to start all these cute and sweet little DYI projects with y'all! Have a beautiful Tuesday!

Pecos Jane's Room Inspiration

Pecos Jane's Room Inspiration

Happy Friday! Today we are taking another look at this wonderful collection at Target, Pillowfort. My friend Amh gave it the perfect description the other day, Land of Nod but way more affordable! She hit the nail right on the head! I really hope Pillowfort and Target continue to wot together in the future! 

1. Pom Pom Comforter Set Muliticolor This comforter is seriously perfect for Pecos' room. Her walls are gorgeous coral color and the white base softens that color all while having splashes of color throughout with the sweet Pom poms. 

2. This unicorn head is not from this collection, but I'm feeling a little brave by wanting to break out the chicken wire and paper Mache! I'm hoping to share a fun DYI with y'all for this piece. My girl loves her unicorn and what a sweet touch of girly goodness with that glitter horn!!

3. Wire Basket - these are wonderful for storage of books, toys, blankets, or anything you'd like!

4. Sweet ice cream print from Pillowfort, and there are different prints very similar. 

5. I love this vintage feel chair! Pecos is not quite at the homework stage, but a corner desk would be great for her to create masterpieces and read her beloved books. This mint color compliments all the sweet yummy pink throughout her room. 

6. Messy Hair Don't Care pillowcase - if you know my girl, then you know how fitting this is for her!!

7. Hip Hip Hooray throw pillow- who doesn't love a funky fun pillow?! 

8. Little Peach Handmade Doll- I shared these sweet dolls earlier in the week in my nursery inspiration. These are just too sweet not to have one for each girl!! We will have to work on that!! ;-)
I would also love to incorporate a dress up corner for Pecos Jane. She is your typical dress up loving girl. I have seen tons of great inspiration for these on Pinterest. To see more on that follow my " Pecos Jane's Bedroom" on Pinterest! 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Taos' Big Brother Room

Taos' Big Brother Room Inspiration

 Happy Thursday everybody! We have almost made it to the weekend. I know I have big plans for my weekend to start to working on Taos' "big brother room". I've already got Cameron ready to help move beds here and there and get our big brother all set up for having the coolest little room there is.
If you are like me then you might have a slight obsession with Target. Oh I'm so guilty of making Target runs way too much. It's so bad it is to the point Pecos can point a Target out from a mile away. That always gets me dirty looks from  her daddy for some reason. Whoopss! Pillowfort has a new collection that is offered at Target in their Home section, and let me just tell you it is to die for! They have created a super affordable modern look for parents, like us, on a budget. It's like searching through my favorite Instagram feed, but without the crazy big prices.
ONE- This wonderful gray and white teepee comes at a price of just $89.99. Tents similar to this on Etsy go easily for well over $100. I will say this is the largest purchase on the blog when it comes to the price, but the fun is endless for your little guy from making him a reading nook or just using his imagination while he is out on an adventure.  There are no tools to set up...that's a score in itself, as well as easy care and clean of a damp cloth for wipe downs. The dimensions are 56 H X 58W X 58L.
TWO: This wooden arrow plaque is the perfect touch for your adventurous little guy. A lot of this collection is more geared toward camping, but as y'all know Taos is our little cowboy. You can always pick and choose things from a great collection as this one and morph it into your very own look.
THREE:  "Wild and Free" wire wall d├ęcor.
FOUR: Wire baskets are so handy in children's rooms. Whether you use them for book storage, toys, or blankets the choice is all yours!
FIVE: This Navajo inspired wall hanger is such a fun funky touch as well.
SIX: Of course I had to have  some cactus in there with this super cute throw pillow. Such a fun splash of southwest!
SEVEN: Sweet Dreams My Child toddler blanket from my newest Etsy obsession Charlie Rowan Designs. Please got check them out...amazing is all I have to say! It is made of organic cotton and is also offered in a swaddle for your littlest guy!
EIGHT: "Just Sitting on the Corner of Awesome and Bombdiggity" crib sheet from Charlie Rowan Designs  is super fun and unique. When I saw this I just knew I had to have. This is another piece on the inspiration board that is on the higher side of the price range. When it comes to great quality and unique pieces they are worth their weight in gold to me simply because I thrive off of being different. There are not enough words to express how much I love this crib sheet!
NINE: "The Coolest Kid in Town" pillow sheet.
TEN: XL Corduroy Bean Bag Chair is perfect for inside or outside of the tent with all his stuffed animals or snuggled up with his favorite books.
I love this look so much. I feel it simple touches like this that take a nursery to "big brother' level really quick. Taos is at the stage where all he wants to do is be outside with his daddy or playing with his trucks and cows. I want to create a fun and stylist environment for him to do so. He is growing up so fast, and as much as I hate to admit it he is not my baby any more. I'm excited to see him grow in these next few months before baby gets here. He has already changed so much in the last few months by showing independence and talking more. I hope these pieces have inspired you as much as they have me. I can't wait to begin the redecorating!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's a GIRL!

As most of y'all know that follow me on social media we announced yesterday that the fifth member of the Finney family will be another baby girl!!! We are completely ecstatic!

Sadly Taos and Dad had Taos out of the big fun while they finished up feeding cattle. We started early only running into a blowout on the feeder and no siren. Our feed trucks were in the shop of course. Pecos accompanied Momma and my oldest sister. Pecos jumped and danced around the room with the sonogram tech said "It's a Girl!" It's so funny because since day one she has told us that the baby was a girl. It's very funny how children seems to have a better idea than we adults sometimes!

 Cameron is a little worried about having another girl to watch the boys with, but I have a good feeling big brother will be big enough to fight off all the boys for both of his sisters. Taos knew immediately who he was looking at when I shared the sonogram pictures with him. 

The excitement is in full swing around our house! I've already picked out paint and have tons of wonderful inspiration pinned on a board called <3 CJF <3 Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see all the fun!

As of now we don't have a name picked out, but there's one I'm really pulling for! I have loved this name since I was pregnant with Pecos. Say a little prayer Daddy will agree soon with me!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Wednesday! I can't wait to share the rest of this amazing journey with y'all throughout the next 23 weeks! I'm hoping to add some nursery inspiration, Nursery DIYs, and finish nursery post along with hospital bag and my accounts of surviving three under three post in the future! 


Monday, February 22, 2016

Bump Update:16 Weeks

All Photography by Little H Creative

Happy Monday Y'all! Wow how time is flying! Week 16 has been a great one. Four whole months of pregnancy down and five more to go! Baby Snowball is the size of an avocado measuring approximately 4 1/2 inches long and weighing 4 oz. His or hers little ears have moved to the side of the head where they will stay and have developed so much that it can detect sounds that I make. Also even though the eyelids are still sealed shut baby can detect light. In the evenings baby quickening's can be felt, but Daddy is yet to catch a feel. I know the movements in the next few weeks will just keep getting stronger until they're full on kicks and getting up underneath my ribs. I feel that I'm Just as excited this pregnancy as my first about each little event. This journey is a true miracle that I feel so blessed to enjoy.
I am truly in full swing of the second trimester "honeymoon" period. My bump has actually become more permanent, rather than only being noticeable to others just in the I swear this is real!!! I had an appointment last Thursday and I was so happy the entire family joined me to listen to their baby Snowball's heartbeat! The appointment went well and I finally achieved a personal goal of mine. I finally gained A P OUND! I know each pregnancy is different, but with my other two at this point I had already gained 7-10 pounds it seemed by now. I'm praying this trend keeps up throughout this pregnancy. My doctor said the baby is growing perfectly and measuring right on track. I know this time around I have really mad an effort to eat much healthier and I know I double to active keeping up with a three year old and 21 month old.
Today we have our appointment at Stork Vision and I can barely contain my excitement. Pecos is so convinced she will have a little sister so it will be so interesting to see if she gets what she wants or get another precious brother! Taos just knows that Momma's belly means baby. He kisses the "baby" every time he gets the chance. This has been the most fun 16 weeks watching not only the baby grow but Pecos Jane morph into a big sister times two and Taos become more independent and working on becoming a big brother. It does make me said to see him not be my baby anymore, but I know that once the baby arrives we won't know how we every lived without them.
Be on the look out tomorrow for the big reveal and special blog post with the big news!!