Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello 2016 and Welcoming Baby #3!

Happy New Year everyone!! If you follow me on social media than you already know the big news!!! Come August 2016 we will be welcoming the fifth member to our family. This came as a huge surprise to Cameron and I, but God had different plans for our family and we could not be more happy and excited!! We kept the big news from our families (kiddo's included) till Christmas Eve. That was a huge challenge for me because I'm horrible at surprises. It was totally worth the wait to see their reactions as Pecos opened a final box at my Mom's after everyone had opened their presents. The screams of disbelief and excitement radiated as Pecos opened the box and a balloon flew out with a sonogram picture attached. Pecos was in shock at first and Taos not really sure what in the world was going on!! Pecos quickly announced that her "baby sister's" name was SNOWBALL!! Oh that still makes me giggle every time I hear or think of it. She will argue to the end with anyone who tells her that she's having another brother. She says I already have one, he's right there!

That being said I am changing the view of Western Homestead for the coming year. I'm still going to keep fashion post, but I'm refocusing myself on motherhood. I have lost sight of how much I enjoyed motherhood the last year. Fashion blogging is a wonderful passion of mine, but it kept me preoccupied with figuring out my next purchase and shooting pictures all the time. I love being Momma and get so many comments of my style of mothering that I just have to refocus. I feel such a passion for this through the love of my husband and children. We also are thinking about starting a vegetable garden and a few other fun projects that I feel would fun to share with y'all! From the baby's nursery, hospital bags, weekly bump updates, and what's going on on the ranch with the family. I'm excited to share this brand new year of excitement for my family!!

Be on the look for the first bump update this week!!



  1. I love that fact that your a little fashionista momma. I have two littles that are my life and we live on a ranch as well. I also am a cosmetologist but stopped just to be home with my babies. Congrats on the third and hope you have an amazing pregnancy.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I really work by appointment now because I'd rather be home with the kiddos and help my husband around the ranch!! Thanks for reading, hope you have a great weekend!