Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bump Series:13 Weeks

All Photography by Little H Creative

Why hello 13 weeks and second trimester!! I cannot tell you how wonderful it was last week to actually feel some relief from nausea and exhaustion to only be blind sided by the FLU!! Talk about total let down. Due to sickness in the whole household last week I missed my 12 week update, but I'm glad to say we will play catch up and a have another "Bump Update" next week at 14 weeks.

It seems like the weeks are just flying by! Last week I had my 12 week appointment where we got to see little baby. Baby Snowball is growing like a week and very busy! Baby was not cooperating with the sonogram tech with all the measurements, but I enjoyed him or she dance and flip around for a good twenty minutes. That made my stuffy nose and balloon head feel so much better! My doctor told me that I have placenta previa, but not to worry. Placenta Previa is where the uterus is sitting on top of or too close to the cervix. Most cases easily correct themselves in about 6 weeks. So we have  been praying for the condition to heal itself, and if not  I have faith that a C-Section ( though I have never had one) will be a great option to get the baby here while keeping us both safe. It hit me hard when he first told me but, I was sick and running on three hours of sleep. I'm glad to say after talking to other Mommas who have been through this and prayer I'm feeling so much better about the whole situation.

This week has been full of nesting for me! I have cleaned out both kiddo's closets and set aside all the clothes they have outgrown to wait and go through when we find out what baby Snowball is come March 17th. I have cleaned out my own closet throwing out a good 75% of my clothes out (it needed it!) and just trying to simplify and organize out life and home. Things have gotten a little out of control with just two children, and I'm slowly trying to prepare myself ( as much as one can try ) for life with three children. I'm the world's worst about putting away the laundry and just dressing the family from the wonderful table in our master bedroom, and let me tell you it gets out of hand quickly!! It was been such a refresher to my whole attitude toward daily chores and activities  to get rid of the excess. There is still much to be done throughout the house. I'm trying to talk Cameron into having a garage sale of some sort. When we moved in, two years ago yesterday, my dad left a lot of things behind and we are finally taking the time to go through all drawers and closets to get rid of those things. The playroom is next on my list! I feel like I may need to plan and slumber party with one of my sister's to have a fighting chance at throwing toys out! It so needs to be done!

I'm so excited to share this amazing journey with y'all through these biweekly updates. I love the job Katherine from Little H Creative does each time! If you're local I strongly encourage you to look her store front up and take a Saturday to go visit here and shop and just talk. She is immensely talented in so many different avenues and is full of wonderful ideas and great vision. This weekend my inlaws are coming in town and the weather is going to be to die fa and we are so going down town to do a little shopping with Kathryn and grab some good grub!!

Enjoy your weekend!!