Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bump Series:13 Weeks

All Photography by Little H Creative

Why hello 13 weeks and second trimester!! I cannot tell you how wonderful it was last week to actually feel some relief from nausea and exhaustion to only be blind sided by the FLU!! Talk about total let down. Due to sickness in the whole household last week I missed my 12 week update, but I'm glad to say we will play catch up and a have another "Bump Update" next week at 14 weeks.

It seems like the weeks are just flying by! Last week I had my 12 week appointment where we got to see little baby. Baby Snowball is growing like a week and very busy! Baby was not cooperating with the sonogram tech with all the measurements, but I enjoyed him or she dance and flip around for a good twenty minutes. That made my stuffy nose and balloon head feel so much better! My doctor told me that I have placenta previa, but not to worry. Placenta Previa is where the uterus is sitting on top of or too close to the cervix. Most cases easily correct themselves in about 6 weeks. So we have  been praying for the condition to heal itself, and if not  I have faith that a C-Section ( though I have never had one) will be a great option to get the baby here while keeping us both safe. It hit me hard when he first told me but, I was sick and running on three hours of sleep. I'm glad to say after talking to other Mommas who have been through this and prayer I'm feeling so much better about the whole situation.

This week has been full of nesting for me! I have cleaned out both kiddo's closets and set aside all the clothes they have outgrown to wait and go through when we find out what baby Snowball is come March 17th. I have cleaned out my own closet throwing out a good 75% of my clothes out (it needed it!) and just trying to simplify and organize out life and home. Things have gotten a little out of control with just two children, and I'm slowly trying to prepare myself ( as much as one can try ) for life with three children. I'm the world's worst about putting away the laundry and just dressing the family from the wonderful table in our master bedroom, and let me tell you it gets out of hand quickly!! It was been such a refresher to my whole attitude toward daily chores and activities  to get rid of the excess. There is still much to be done throughout the house. I'm trying to talk Cameron into having a garage sale of some sort. When we moved in, two years ago yesterday, my dad left a lot of things behind and we are finally taking the time to go through all drawers and closets to get rid of those things. The playroom is next on my list! I feel like I may need to plan and slumber party with one of my sister's to have a fighting chance at throwing toys out! It so needs to be done!

I'm so excited to share this amazing journey with y'all through these biweekly updates. I love the job Katherine from Little H Creative does each time! If you're local I strongly encourage you to look her store front up and take a Saturday to go visit here and shop and just talk. She is immensely talented in so many different avenues and is full of wonderful ideas and great vision. This weekend my inlaws are coming in town and the weather is going to be to die fa and we are so going down town to do a little shopping with Kathryn and grab some good grub!!

Enjoy your weekend!!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Praising Jesus for Sick Babies

It's only Monday and I know it's going to be a great week. I'm not enjoying the fact that my sweet babies are under the weather, but never the less I'm praising Jesus for this wonderful slow down in day to day life. It seems like I drive a million miles a day and our kids are 3 and 18 months old. Pecos has school Tuesday and I bible study then ballet, Wednesday night church, and Thursday Pecos has school. When you live five miles down a dirt road and then 10-15 miles more of pavement to town it makes for a whole lotta time in the truck! I for one am I total home body to a certain extent.

 I will say that I have enjoyed today and I know tomorrow will look a lot like it as well! Sleepless night, morning cuddles and milk, followed by movies and books, lunch, naps, and more books until dinner and bedtime. I love this season of life that sometimes we as mothers unknowingly wish away. I have caught myself so many times counting the hours till bedtime so I could just melt in my bed! 

Sick babies can sometimes be a strain on our pocket books and our patience. But I believe The Lord places these seasons in our lives to help us recenter our sometimes blurred sights from work, sporting events, and finances to let us enjoy them just being little. I know I have caught myself smiling all day and whispering "thank you Jesus for that sweet little scratchy voice." Children are the real joy of our lives. There will come a time when Pecos and Taos will no longer need me to kiss their boo boos, tie their shoes, or clean their sweet little faces. I have been praying for patience with them for the past few weeks. We all know as mothers energy and patience a run very low through your first trimester. I can slowly see a spike in both places thankfully! And as last night Pecos wake ever half hour from her coughing fits my love and patience a never failed as I soothed her and held her.  No sweet little soul can whisper "mommy you're my best friend" five minutes after a time out over a fit for more gummy snacks. There is such a sweet innocence they possess that I pray for daily. They have such forgiving and loving spirits that I pray that I nurture and grow as I raise them to be men and women. 

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.
Psalm 127:3-5

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January Faves!

January Faves!

Good Wednesday morning!! I wanted to bring y'all a few things that have been keeping me go this month. I can't seem to put any of these items down!

I have shared with you my absolute favorite maternity jeans from Pink Blush!! I seriously wash the a couple times a week so I can wear them. The only thing about them is that I should have got them a size smaller. They stretch out over the course of the day. Along with these skinnies I love my Nikes so much! Pairing them with cute skinnies, oversized sweaters, my favorite earrings from Bauble Bar, and my absolute new favorite lips from Loreal , and my favorite dry shampoo for a cute messy hairdo make for such a cute relaxed look for everyday. I have been indulging in this look on the three days a week we got to town. Pecos has Wee School Tuesday's and Thursday's. Tuesday's Taos and I do bible study and Thursday's are play date days. Wednesday nights we had church. I love that as part of budgeting we have limited out town trips to these days. I also have some great grocery store tips to share with you in the future! I have been having way too much fun wearing falsies to the few special ocassions such as representing the Switch House stanch at the local county show sales and date night with my cowboy! On other days I have fallen in love with Lash Sensational from Loreal as well. My sweet mother in law gave me some in my stocking for Christmas. To go along with makeup routine Pecos picked some beautiful makeup brushes from Sonia Kashuk for me for Christmas. It was seriously the sweetest gesture ever!! If y'all aren't familiar with Tyler Candle Company I strongly recommend getting familiar! My dad for Christmas got each of us girls (my sisters) their hand soap, hand lotions, and laundry detergent. Each of them are completely heavenly!! I keep my soap and lotion by the kitchen sink to keep me feeling girly and smelling wonderful throughout my day of cooking and cleaning. The laundry detergent is quite a pretty penny, so I limit it to sheets, towels, throws for the couch, and Pecos' nap mat for school. 

All of these items you can shop by simply clicking the images! What are some of your favorites this month!


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bump Series:10 Weeks



I am so excited to bring to y'all the very first of my Bump Series with Kathryn Hager of Little H Creative. This is a brand new photography package she is bringing to her clients. This is the perfect gift to someone special or to yourself to keep these precious memories in such a fun creative way! Starting at 10 weeks for me I will update y'all every two weeks with some fun bumps pictures and what's going on!

Last week I had my doctors appointment with all the rules and regulations laid out for me. No ladder or heels after 16 weeks, no sushi, no raw cookie dough or brownie batter. There's nothing like a good ole buzz kill after seeing your precious miracle on the sonogram screen for the very first time. But hey life goes on!
As of this week the sickness has subsided to just mornings and evenings instead of all day everyday. There have even been a couple days this week that I have actually felt hunger pains. Talk about excitement! As far as cravings go I have been obsessing over corn on the cob with mayo. I've only had it a couple of times but it just won't see to leave me alone. Next grocery store trip it's the first thing on the list. This week I finally just gave up the ever so frustrating belly band and purchases my very first pair of maternity jeans from Pink Blush Maternity. They make me feel not only comfortable but super cute and stylish. With my last two pregnancies I never found any maternity clothes that fit my personal style. Needless to say I'm pretty much living in these things until my black skinnies get here. Pink Blush also has great variety of jeans, shirts, dresses, delivery and nursing robes, and many other great accessories for the modern mother. I cannot express how happy and excited to go through this season of life with their clothing line!
And now for a fun gender quiz!
Carrying high or low? LOW
Heart rate over 140? YES!
Did your acne clear up and do you have a healthy glow? YES!
Is daddy gaining weight? NOPE
Do you feel like skipping dinner and go straight for dessert? UHYEAH!
Are you tripping more than usual? YES
Do you have an overwhelming desire for salty? NO
Can friends tell  you're pregnant from behind? NO
Have you had morning sickness? YES
Have you legs becomes really hairy? YES
Well this quiz says BOY!!! I guess we will see!!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello 2016 and Welcoming Baby #3!

Happy New Year everyone!! If you follow me on social media than you already know the big news!!! Come August 2016 we will be welcoming the fifth member to our family. This came as a huge surprise to Cameron and I, but God had different plans for our family and we could not be more happy and excited!! We kept the big news from our families (kiddo's included) till Christmas Eve. That was a huge challenge for me because I'm horrible at surprises. It was totally worth the wait to see their reactions as Pecos opened a final box at my Mom's after everyone had opened their presents. The screams of disbelief and excitement radiated as Pecos opened the box and a balloon flew out with a sonogram picture attached. Pecos was in shock at first and Taos not really sure what in the world was going on!! Pecos quickly announced that her "baby sister's" name was SNOWBALL!! Oh that still makes me giggle every time I hear or think of it. She will argue to the end with anyone who tells her that she's having another brother. She says I already have one, he's right there!

That being said I am changing the view of Western Homestead for the coming year. I'm still going to keep fashion post, but I'm refocusing myself on motherhood. I have lost sight of how much I enjoyed motherhood the last year. Fashion blogging is a wonderful passion of mine, but it kept me preoccupied with figuring out my next purchase and shooting pictures all the time. I love being Momma and get so many comments of my style of mothering that I just have to refocus. I feel such a passion for this through the love of my husband and children. We also are thinking about starting a vegetable garden and a few other fun projects that I feel would fun to share with y'all! From the baby's nursery, hospital bags, weekly bump updates, and what's going on on the ranch with the family. I'm excited to share this brand new year of excitement for my family!!

Be on the look for the first bump update this week!!