Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hey Dottie!

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Great Monday morning gorgeous gals! I hope y'all had a super fun weekend! Here at the Finney's we had a great one full of fun with the kiddos. The Peanuts movie for the kiddos and Momma got some Christmas shopping done for the kiddos. I cannot believe I'm actually not waiting till last minute to even start, that doesn't mean that Christmas Eve I'll be rushing for those forgotten presents. Haha, I'm such a procrastinator! 

I know Monday's are hard, but not when you start your week off with this amazingly awesome fur coat! You can't help but have an extra spunk in your step in this funky piece. This little beauty is so going on my Christmas list. This might be something you would spy in what most would think a "chic closet."  But that's the beauty of having your own style. You can pick and choose pieces that don't necessarily fit into your fashion sense and make them fit in. This is my absolute favorite thing about owning my own style. I could seriously single hours creating and recreating totally different looks from only a few pieces. Vintage turquoise, black booties, and a great hat can make this scream you! I'm really in love with the Rebecca Minkoff pink fringe cross body. It's the perfect splash of girly pink in the sea of black. 

I'm praying for some cool weather this week to get to wear some jackets!! It's so hard living in Texas with this crazy hot weather when it's deer season! I hope everyone has a great Monday! Lets rock this week. 


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