Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Happy Thanksgiving week y'all!!! This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. The hustle and bustle in your local grocery store and running into people you haven't seen in a month of Sunday's! Pecos has the whole week off from school so this means a week full of relaxing with both babies! Cameron is ready to deer hunt instead of feed cows. It's only the beginning my love! 

We decided just last night that my little sister and her family are going to come over for Thanksgiving and the boys can go hunt and we will be working in the kitchen. Last night we had Thanksgiving with mom and tonight with my dad. I can already feel my jeans fitting a little tighter, but it's so good!! 

I'm loving this outfit of this shaggy black sweat from Chic Wish. I think the texture gives it a little something funky and special especially when it's paired with my favorite boho jacket that I've been raving about for about a month!! This is so on my list Santa! This Jeggings give the perfect look and comfort for possibly eating just a little too much turkey! I like to think that they also keep everything tucked in!! Hahahah a little splash of leopard and a pop of color to this classic look are the topping to the pumpkin pie!! I also am really wanting a pair of tassel earrings Santa!! Wink wink. 

What are your favorite dishes for Thanksgiving?

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