Monday, November 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Good Monday morning everyone!! I hope y'all enjoyed your Halloween weekend as much as we did. I'm so excited that it's November!! I love this time of the year: deer season, a time of thanksgiving, and pumpkin pie. I feel this holiday gets looked over every year. I'm sure you've seen the meme floating around Facebook with the fairy god mother that reads "And at midnight of October 31st Halloween will be over and there will be Christmas carols everywhere!" It's so true, but why do we tend to want to skip right over Thanksgiving? It's such a wonderful time to just relax and enjoy your family and friends along with a great meal! That being said, maybe this year you're not hosting the great feast, but you might be on the hunt for something to treat your hostess to after a beautiful feast they put together for you. I have devised a list of great hostess gifts to show your thanksgiving!

Around my kitchen I'm always short of kitchen towels. These great tea kitchen towels come from Little H Creative. She creates these in her very own studio. They are a great towel for the upcoming Christmas season full of parties. You can purchase these online or in store at Alley Cat Vintage Mercatile in downtown Wichita Falls. 

Even after the wine is gone this gift of The Bestie Wine bag from The Rollin' J keeps on giving. How beautiful and unique are these wine bags? I'm not even a wino, but I think I know so many ladies who absolutely love these myself included. Check their site for different designs. 

Treat your hostess to a gorgeous pumpkin flower arrangement. These are super hot this fall. I myself even made one. Just be sure to make at the last minute possible so the receiver can enjoy it as much as possible. You might even want to look up a way to preserve the pumpkin. I'm sure your local florist could eve help you out. These are beautiful and what a sweet way to save your hostess one extra step while getting ready for her guest. 

Macaroons are always a special treat!! Maybe you could run by your local bakery and pick up a well deserved snack for your hostess. Not only are these a yummy treat, they're beautiful to look at. Some bakeries even offer delivery if you wanted to make it a little more special. 

I hope you have enjoyed this fun list of hostess gifts! What are some of your favorite hostess gifts to give and receive? 


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