Thursday, November 12, 2015

Stockin Stuffers for the Gals

Stocking Stuffers

Hey girl hey!! It's FRIDAY!!! And what makes it even better in my part of the country is that it's cooler weather! I'm so excited to wear a jacket today! I also have tried to keep out of the Christmas spirit, but it's really hard when every where you go looks like a Christmas dream draped in beautiful lights and towering adorned Christmas trees! Not to mention Pecos is just buzzing with inquiries about this Santa fellow she is seeing every where. This is going to be the best Christmas yet! Christmas as a parents outshines any childhood Christmas by a million! Watching their little faces of joy and their little minds tinkering away at the magic of this time of year. 

That all being said here are a few things that I think most any fashionista would lie in her stocking. I'm pretty well a sucker for anything Kate Spade. Mugs and shakers are the perfect gift for your cocktail and coffee loving gal. We all know who we are!! Also with the new year on then horizon there is nothing better than a fresh and very cute I might add planner. We all want to start off the new year as organized as possible, and do it in style. Along with getting organized this adorable Cacti weekly list pad you can get a quick glance at your week. These along with the super cute notecards come from Vouge Ranch. They have some super unique and amazing things to offer. Get over there pronto and take a gander!! Makeup is always a win to me in my stocking. I firmly believe there is no such thing as too much. The more the merrier. Treat your girl to a piece of two of some vintage turquoise. You're sure to get lucky under the mistletoe (if men even read this 😂) ! A fun fluff to add some funky texture to your favorite bag and some great sunnies are always a super girly gift. 

I hope y'all have a great weekend! I know I'm going to enjoy a night with my forever wedding date Saturday night! Can't wait to celebrate some love!! 


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