Monday, November 2, 2015

Little H Creative Littles Tees

If you haven't caught the Little H Creative bug already you're about to!! Kathryn Hager, owner and designer, can do it all!! She is an amazing photographer from the Wichta Falls area, she did my amazing new design for the blog, and she designs and screen prints her tshirts in her very own work shop. She is amazingly talented. On top of all those amazing things she is a momma! She has lots on her plate and she rocks at it all! She is such an inspiration to me to keep on keepin' on. I always enjoy a great conversation with her up at Alley Cat, pretty much my favorite place ever!! I always hope to catch Kathryn while I'm there. I love bouncing ideas of her. She is full of great ideas. 

Today I'm being y'all a couple tees from the infant and toddler line. There are so many great ones! These are great, soft, trendy tees for your littles. These are definitely on my kiddo's Christmas list this year. We have worn the heck out of her past tees. They wash and wear very well, especially for going through the toddler life. 

I'm so excited about her Christmas tees. I cannot pass up a tee that says anything about Christmas. Add some baseball tees to the mix and I'm sold. These are great for boys or girls. They are a super laid back look that can dressed up with a sparkley bow, or your little man's favorite teepee leggings. 

The "Wild Animal" is perfect for all the wild children! Both of mine could wear this tee and wear it well. I love the  earthy colors Kathryn chose to print this tee on. I feel that you never go wrong with a great gray tees with toddlers. Life is messy and it seems gray can camouflage better than any color those daily stains. 

Anything Kathryn designs whether it be kitchen towels or business cards I love!! Please be sure to check her store out to see all her tshirt designs and goodies!!


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  1. Girl, YOU rock! Thank you for the kind words and I hope to see you and catch up soon!! �� coffee date do sho!