Monday, November 30, 2015

Leopard&Crushed Velet


OH MY GOODNESS! It's finally December and Christmas time is in full swing! It's time for the hustle and bustle here and there and going everywhere! It seems like there is always a party or dance recital going on. This week I have some great looks for each of these special events from the Highway Hippie Company.
Today's look is nothing short of absolute heaven! I'm in total love with this leopard tunic. It has a great fit that highlights all the right places. A gorgeous high collared neckline that gives you an elegant look all while maintaining your wild woman status with the flashy leopard print. It has the perfect flow to hide the fact that maybe just maybe you may have had one too many cocktails or sugar cookies. But hey, who doesn't indulge this time of year?? Go one sister and enjoy! Now I will move to the rockin  burgundy crushed velvet bells. They not only scream vintage love from the 70s, but girl let me tell you about the comfort level of these babies! I wore these to the World Finals on Saturday night and I literally  felt like I was leaving the house in my jammie bottoms. I swear I will wear these out this winter!! These are super versatile and I feel can be worn through winter with tunics and graphic tees layered with fur.
Go to your Instagram like right after you read this and find Highway Hippie Company and give them a like! They have some great looks for the Christmas season not only for your special events but even for your wish list! Stayed tuned this week for more great looks to come from them!

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