Monday, November 9, 2015

Find Your Adventure

"Whether it's a daredevil stunt, like piloting a plane that's never been flown before, or an improvised journey, like taking your niece on the tram to Roosevelt Island because she thinks it's a flying train, adventures remind us that we're alive and make even ordinary destinations seem grander.

We relish the nostalgic tug of escapades from years gone by-take building tree houses or playing hooky (which we're still known to do on occasion). It's the thrill of adventure that makes us love the precipitous dive of a roller coaster and inspires the wanderlust that takes us away each summer.

Whether we're taking flight to faraway locales or escaping right in our own hometowns, it's these journeys that illuminate every day, and awaken us with a jolt to life's breathtaking possibilities."
This is an excerpt from Kate Spade Things We Love. I read these words this morning and was instantly inspired. WOW!!  When is the last time you went on an adventure? If I answer this question honestly I would have to say that I cannot even remember the last time I just sat out with adventure on the mind. In day in day out life it always seems like we  have a mental checklist we go through.
Wake up
Get dressed
Grab coffee
Go to work
Drive home
Eat dinner
Go to bed
Why is it even the most adventurous girls seem to get stuck in this so called rut? Why do we treat everyday as if it is just another day? I truly yearn to wake up each day hit my knees praising Jesus for a new adventure!! There are so many opportunities in daily life to take adventures. Most times if we just take a few moments to look around and soak it all in we will probably find something intriguing each day. Slowing down is one of the hardest things to do in today's society. Deadlines for work are cut throat, children chant endlessly for more crackers and juice, and we even make ourselves walk the line. Take a walk and take it all in. I'm ready to slow down with my life. The holidays are upon us, and it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Take time to indulge in a fun getaway with your man, even if it be a day trip. Enjoy all the things about them that made them yours. This in itself is an adventure. Take the road less traveled, and hit those back roads and jam that college playlist. Dig deep into your closet and put that outfit together that you've been dying to share. This is exactly what I did ! I dug out my wedding dress and came up with a funky fun look that made me want to day dream the day away.   I crave adventure. I will have adventure. You make the choice for yourself, I'm jumping in!
"One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things."
- Henry Miller

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