Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mother and Daughter Mexican Dresses

I have long time been wanting a Mexican embroidered dress, not quite sure what took me so long! Of coarse my little mini me got one first. I found it at the Ranch Roundup in Wichita Falls last month. How precious is a cherub baby in a Mexican dress? So needless to say I had already ordered mine and was just waiting on it to arrive. All of this taking place inspired me to do a fun little mommy daughter post for y'all today.
I do all my own photography after little man goes down for the night. Tonight he went out early like 6:30 early! Pecos really loves helping me do all the pictures. So I really thought that she eat up tonight. She is almost a "THREENAGER"  therefore she is very unpredictable. You Mommas know what I'm talking about! SO needless to say she wasn't very into  it at first, but as soon as she head gun shots from her daddy dove hunting she was on his trail. Such a daddy's began  in the womb!
I'm not sure where these dresses have been all my life. I seriously wear this things at least twice a week. It is super cute and incredibly comfy. I've even been guilty of sleeping it it...shhhhh!! Judge away if you like, but I'm totally okay with it lol!
Daughters are such sweet blessings. I remember growing up and just wanting to be a Momma! I had never been so scared as the moment we found out about Pecos Jane. I was 21 and could barely take care of myself much less a precious bundle of joy. That's why God makes pregnancy nine months. It is a time of such growth as a person and as a couple. Those are some precious times with your partner. That early morning of that late October day I learned a whole new type of love. As I watched my husband hold our baby girl and the tears that filled his eyes as he handed her to me I fell in love with him all over in a completely new way. Wow! God is so good!
Watching her grow into the sassy little "THREENANGER" she is there is never a dull moment. Yesterday was her very first day of Wee School. Her teacher sent me a wild faced picture of her. It was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. Then she was sent home with a red apple with written on the back "Helped her friends play dress up all day long!" I felt my head get a little big as that was a really proud Momma moment for me. She just might be like her momma a little bit. As if she needed any help with sass she started ballet yesterday. She marched right in there decked out in pink from head to ballet shoe. She was so excited to share with me all the new dance and ballet tricks she had learned. I can't wait to see what this exciting year brings with our little Pecos Jane. I know one thing for sure, and that is that it'll be a wild and fun ride with that girl!

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