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Wild Flower Freelance Makeup Artistry: Ranch Roundup Inspiration

God shook his head the day he built her, the wife of a workin' man and mother of a two-year old ranch hand in training. Lauren is currently studying at Midwestern State University majoring in Psychology and minoring Sociology, and has future plans of attending graduate school and pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology.  In the mean time she juggles homework, housework, a tot, and she also is a freelance make-up artist. She finds joy in Jesus music, good horses, adventure, and all things drenched in heavy fringe. She is the owner of Wild Flower Freelance Make-Up Artistry and believes in never giving up on your dreams; no matter how stupid they may be. 

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"I figure, if a girl wants to be a legend she should go ahead and be one." -Calamity Jane 

When discussing make-up there is a stigma behind the products and the application in the ranch world. Often times it is seen to be superficial, materialistic, or trying to seek attention. Growing up and participating in rodeo queen pageants, I am familiar with hearing the cheeky comments made by some of the other girls that were participating in other events. I found myself becoming insecure about how I looked and putting on make-upbecause of the stereotype that came with it. Now looking back I can’t help but smile when seeing some of those girls that once demeaned my capabilities, wearing bright red lipstick and heavy, black winged-out eyeliner themselves. Now I am here to tell you, that there is NOTHING wrong with red lipstick, heavy eye-liner, fake lashes, what ever it may be, the truth is…it WASHES OFF. It also doesn’ttranslate into anything other than products. It doesn’t mean that you can’t hold your own while working with the guys, nor does it mean that the horses you ride aren’t worth anything because you look like Dolly Pardon, it simply means that you decided to take a little extra-time to put on some lip-gloss and mascara to make yourself feel better.With that being said, Ranch Round-Up is a time that people gather from all across Texas to watch and enjoy all of the festivities of the ranch rodeo. It is also a busy time for those participating, as the events range from early morning, followed up with the ranch rodeo at night. The wives, or the women participating often times find themselves juggling kids, schedules, horses, and their bigger kids (a.k.a. husbands), and don’t always remember to save some time to groom themselves. I have created two make-up looks that will be quick to throw on for the daytime and then, with a few minor touch-ups, transition into nighttime. The important thing to remember is to have fun with these, and to fixate the tips to your personal look. Also, don’t forget to tell the random woman who may not have had the time to get herself ready because of her crazy schedule, that she too, looks beautiful. It’s hard to be super-women, let’s cut each other some slack and empower the women aroundus!

Now, without further ado:





1. Moisturizer/Primer- It is important that while out in the beaming Texas sun to make sure there is a layer of moisturizer or primer on the skin before applying any type of make-up. I hate to admit it, but I love to feel the sun touching my skin, and I have freckles and signs of early aging to prove it. By keeping the skin moisturized it not only will pro-long your make-up, it will also help block the harmful UV rays from damaging your skin and enlarging your pores. It also gives a nice subtle glow to the skin, and can be worn alone if you want to enhance the beautiful skin you were born with. If you prefer BB or CC creams those will also work here as well. 
2. Foundation- This is an optional step, depending on what kind of gal you are. After trying out and testing all different types of brands, I have found one that truly looks like my skin, but better. The Too Faced, Born This Way’ foundation has to be ranked number one in my book of foundations right now. It also is sweat-proof when applying powder over top of the foundation, and is medium coverage but is buildable for those of you who prefer the air brushed look. I have normal-to dry skin, and have found girls that may be a bit oily very pleased with this foundation as well. I have found myself reaching for this foundation on a daily basis (which is rare for me). 


Application: I put a few droplets all over my face, (I especially love when my husband catches me doing this part, the look on his face is priceless). Then using a DAMP Beauty Blender, I simply push it in all over my face to get into the pores. Then, I follow up with any kind of translucent or foundation powder for fuller coverage. Tip: Make sure to apply products that are of a creamy consistency BEFORE adding powder. For example, if you also would like to highlight your face with concealer, apply the concealer first and then powder on top. If not, your foundation/concealer will look cake-y and will enhance flaws and pores. 


3. Bronzer- For a girl who loves her bronzer, I am having a hard time narrowing it down to just one. I have found all types of bronzers that work well for my make-up routine ranging from drug storeto high-end and love each one of them with different looks. My suggestion for a bronzer in this weather would be one that is waterproof. I currently wear the Amazonian Clay WaterproofBronzer by Tarte on a day-to-day basisIt isn’t too warm, or too cool-tone, this bronzer is the perfect shade to make your skin appear as if the sun has naturally kissed it—without the damage.


Application: Sweep over the lifted areas on the facewhere the sun would naturally hit (temples, cheek-bones, and jaw-line) to create dimension. In other words, make a cursive ‘E’ on each side of the face with a big powder brush to create an easy-bronzed look. 


4. Brow-gel/Brow-pencil- Brows are often time underestimated when applying make-up. It also can be very intimidating because we have all seen the harsh, black brow that makes a person look mad all the time. I promise, it is not scary and will polish off your daytime look entirely. Personally, I use and recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz for an eyebrow pencil because of the easy-applicator and natural color it gives the brows. It also is really hard to mess up, and they will stay on amongst your sweat while dancing the night away to Jake Hooker & The Outsiders. I then follow-up with the brow-gel, also by Anastasia Beverly Hills to keep those CrAzY little hairs in place.


Application: Using the brow pencil, simply shade inthe areas that have less hair for a more natural approach. Once you have the desired amount of product on the brow, follow up with the brow-gel to keep tame.


5. Eye-Shadow/Lashes- Finally, my favorite part of applying make-up. By enhancing the eyes, it takes a make-up look to a whole other level. For this particular daytime look it is crucial to find a neutral eye-shadow shade of your choice to blend out into your crease. Personally, I love the matte-eye shadow palettes such as the Tartlette, by Tarte. Feel free to go crazy here and blend out as many colors as your heart desires. By laying down the neutral shade first, it makes all of the other colors blend easier and more sufficiently to create a subtle enhancement to the eye. I also encourage you to try blending a thin line of a darker neutral eye-shadow shade under the eye. This also may sound scary at first, and might intimidate you while applying it, but trust me; it tops eye-liner (and is more time sufficient) in my book any day of the week!  Follow up with curling your lases using an eye-lash curler (optional) and then coating your lashes of your choice of mascara. My all-time favorite mascara is the Better Than Sex mascara, also by Too Faced. 


Application: Using a crease-blending brush, apply a small amount of a neutral shade of eye-shadow into the crease of the eye, and as Jaclyn Hills says, “Blend! Blend! Blend!” This step requires no thought or prestigious flick of the brush, just simply slap on some color and go, (Because if you’re like me, at this point your husband and child are waiting impatiently in the truck for you to “hurry up!” ;) ). Using a smaller bristled brush, lightly apply a darker eye shadow shade underneath the eye, then follow up by blending it with the crease-brush you originaly started with.Feel free to blend this into the crease as well. Apply as much mascara that fits your fancy. If you really want to vamp up the lashes, apply some cheapie-but-goodie Ardell WhispiesThey are sure to make the eyes pop!


6. Final Touches- After all make-up is put down, apply a high-lighter (current favorite- Becca, Champagne Pop ) and highlight the top of the cheek bones, under the eye-brow, around the cupids bow, tip of the nose, and whatever else you feel needs some shineThen apply a gloss or chap stick over top of the lips to bring life back into the face. It’s amazing what a tad bit of color on the lips can bring to your whole face. After applying all of the make-up that you plan on wearing during the day, take a brush and simply blend out any harsh-lines that you may notice. Then apply a finishing spray to hold the entire look into place for the entire day.

When transitioning daytime looks into nighttime it can be tricky, especially when time is of the essence. I recommend packing a few things in your purse or bag to apply in the evening to polish up your face for your evening look. 


1. Black/Brown eyeliner- Whether you choose to do a wing or simply outline the lash line, liquidor pencil eyeliner will deepen the eye-look even more. 
2. Blush- sweeping a small amount of pinky/peachy tones to the cheek; it creates even more dimension to the face, and makes your smile look radiant. 
3. Lip liner/ lipstick-Apply a liner all over the surface and lip-line of the lips to prevent the lipstick or lip gloss of your choice from running and also elongating the life of the lipstick while taking those much-needed sips of Coors Light during the rodeo. My preferred choice of lip liner for day and night time is Lumiere by Colour Pop Cosmetics, and I like to put a light colored gloss on top such as White Russian by Buxom Beauty. 
4. Favorite Eye Shadow Pallete- Use deeper shades in the crease area, and outer corners of the eye to create more drama, and will make your eyes pop even more than before. Once again, this is the fun part…use whatever shades your little heart desires. Just make sure to BLEND! 




Whew! I hope I didn’t already frighten you with my wordiness, and details of each application step. It is hard to describe steps by solely relying on words. I plan on creating a YouTube channel in the future in order to better describe the application process. The important thing to remember when playing with make-up is to stay true to YOU, and to have fun! Do not feel obligated to wear a ton of make-up because those around you are, and don’t feel obligated to tone it down because you don’t want to be stereotyped. Embrace who YOU are and it will shine through on any occasion regardless of how much make-up you put on your face. Stay tuned for more make-up tips and tricks each month here on Western Homestead by freelance artist of Wild Flower Make-Up Atristry, Lauren West.

Photography by Carole Brown of CBrownPhotography 

Be on the look out for more to come from Wild Flower Freelance Makup Artisty here at Western Homestead. Both us girls come from similar upbringings and share a love of the cowboy way of life, beauty, and fashion!

We hope to see you around this weekend at the Ranch Roundup!

Happy Thursday! 

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