Friday, August 14, 2015

Floral Maxi Dress

Happy FRIDAY!! We made it my friends, it's the weekend! And it is a fun one at the Finney household. Tonight we are taking the kiddos to their very first Ranch Roundup. Pecos has been talking for two weeks about the "ranch radio." Kids say the cutest things ever! This is about the only time Cameron gets off the ranch besides the occasional run to the Browse Shop or Academy. He is such an old  man, but I sure love him!

I've been wanting to share this dress with y'all on the blog for sometime now. I seriously have worn the heck outta this thing. I also feel it'll be a great dress coming into Fall. Not only is it incredibly comfortable and I have worn it just lounging around, but it's the perfect dash of Boho. I seriously have come home from the hair shop and changed out of my jeans and put this dress on the relax, You can pair a great pair of wedges or sandals with it as well. Drenching it in turquoise sure makes it even more so my favorite? I actually bought this exact dress from an Instagram shop called Poppy and Dot. You have to follow them closely to score one of their great pieces. I did find you a very similar dress HERE

If you are going to be at the Ranch Roundup I'd love to meet you! I'm very excited about seeing people I haven't seen since last year, shopping, and a date night with my husband Saturday night. We haven't had a date since we went to Sante Fe in February. Life is fast and outta control when you're the wife of a rancher. There are always mouths to feed, cattle to be caught, and kiddos to be taken care of.

Oh, and yes for the time being there is a little pink in my hair. I have been good for so long. I thought it might be a little fun to add a little funk! You only live once and I'm gonna live it to the fullest!

Happy Weekend!



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