Sunday, July 12, 2015

Creating your Dream Closet

Happy Sunday!!! As I type my good looking husband is driving us to drop the kids off at Lolli's for the week. That's right, I said KIDS! This little momma bird's nest is going to be empty. A part of me says party but mostly I feel like I might be a little lost. What will I do? I'll tell you what my first act of business will be, and that is decluttering and organizing my house starting with my closet!! I'm sure you know that I love my clothes, but I'm bad about wearing my clothes until they are tattered and stained beyond the help of Oxi Clean...sorry Billy Mayes. So it'll be time to fill the trash bags and part with my dearly beloved clothes. 

Also there are pieces that just sit in my closet without being showed any love! Can you say clothing negligence?! I feel like if I don't wear something at least once a month that is in season and is in mint condition, it should be passed along to someone who will love it and wear it! I feel selfish and self centered even admitting that I buy clothes that I don't wear the heck out of!! My high school best friend told me years ago that when shopping a good motto to go by is "If a blouse is $50 would you wear it 50 times?" There is a lot of truth to this saying, and I seriously ask myself this question each time I pick an article up. It has saved me tons of money. Thank you Melissa!! 😘

Along with the decluttering I would love to give my closet a makeover. A wife's only place she can go crazy with the pink and glitter is her office space and her closet. I'm a stay at home with a small time fashion blog so I don't quite have an office space. So my closet it is!! I have gone a little nutty on Pinterest pinning dream closets. I'm trying to keep on a very slim a 00 that I have never even seen in my life! As I said from my last post I seem to love so many different styles and always hope to put them together to create my very own eclectic style. I love wall paper of large bright patterns, yet I love Katey McFarlan's style of chic white. So you can only image what my "This Week" board looks like!😁 

I love bright pops of colors! Yellow has always been Cameron's most least favorite color since the day I met him. But there is just something inside me that says gimme gimme! I'm not sure if it's my love of sunshine, lemon pie, or maybe I'm just being a stinker to him. But I love it!! 

This may be an office space, but I fell head over heels for these words on the wall. What girl doesn't need a little pick me up every now and then by a few kind words written on their closet walls in their own hand writing. Maybe you've enjoyed too many smores at the lake this summer or its that time of the glorious month, or those extra pounds of baby weight are teasing you. I know a little encouragement on my closet wall would make me feel better. Just a simple"Hey Beautiful!" or "Your butt looks good in those jeans!" or even "Wait till your man sees you!" It may seem silly to you, but I think it's not only fun but it just might brighten my day a little bit! 😉

Ok and here comes the gorgeous big bright patterns I was talking about! I'm thinking about looking at the fabric store for a fun fabric or even wrapping paper to cover a wall in. How cute who it be to offset my fun wall of compliments?! I think fabric or wrapping paper would be much more inexpensive option than actual wall paper. I may be scolding myself in the end for trying to pinch my pennies, but I'm going to try!! 

What are your goals for this week? What are some of your tips for decluttering and organizing your closet? 



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