Thursday, May 14, 2015

Simple Tips for a Better You

Hello Friends!!! I have missed y'all so much! I"m here to hopefully stay...hehe Life can get so crazy and I am the first to let things slide! My little sister just had a baby this week and now she is the  proud momma of a two year and a newborn. I remember being in her shoes less than a year ago. Wow, I began to wonder if I would ever get to wash my hair, shave my legs, or even shower. Those rough days turned a little easier once I nailed down a routine for me and the kiddos. I wanted to bring y'all a few easy tips to make motherhood a smidgen more easier and maybe glamorous. So, here we go!

1} Don't shampoo your hair everyday! Grab some dry shampoo and go an extra few days in between shampoos. It's healthier for your hair to keep some of the natural oils in your hair. Get on Pinterest to check out a few "dirty hair" hairstyles. I love to jazz up my normal ponytail or bun with a few fun braids.

2} Trade your oversized tees for some tunics, tanks, and cute graphic tees with skinnies. It's time to dress that beautiful body that carried and birthed sweet blessings into this world. Your husband thinks you're beautiful, now it's time to show yourself you still got it!! I have tons of colored skinnies that I got from Wal Mart that I get compliments on almost every time I wear them. It's a great look for errands, playdates, and cleaning house.


3} Simple makeup routine....seriously! I can slap make up on in less than five minutes, My daily makeup consist of base, highlight and contouring, blush, mascara, and nude gloss. I know what you're thinking, contouring in less than five minutes?? Yes yes yes!!! Too Faced has Cocoa Contour and they take the guess work and grunt outta it. The pack consist of four colors ranging from shimmering cream to a dark cocoa. I keep away those dark under eye momma circles with just a few swipes. This takes your look to a whole different level. I also highly recommend Benefit's new mascara Roller Lash. It instantly curls my lashes without the damage of an eyelash curler. People will see you and say man, that Momma has got it together!! She is glowing! My husband actually paid me a few compliments of how glowy and awake I looked when I found these few items.

4] Get a PLANNER!! Take the time to plan  your week and make a list. This is the way I keep my house cleaned and organized { not perfect by any means } I write a lot in my planner. I use it to make my grocery list, keep up with my bank account balance, and of course my appointments. I just ordered a new one from Ban.Do. It's a larger sized planner, but they have smaller. It comes with cute stickers, compliments, and much more. It always easy to get excited about planning when you have a super cute planner to get busy in. Get it HERE