Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Good Tuesday morning! I'm so excited to see the sun shining today. I feel like it's a long lost friend. Today is all about inspiration for our master bedroom. It seems like it's always the most ignored room in my house.  I decided that it was going to my first act of business this time around.

1. Cowhide rug - to me a room just looks more full and fun with a rug on the floor.

2. Buffet - I'm looking for an antiqued buffet to make a coffee bar.  I have a feeling I'll be hitting up my favorite spot Alley Cat Vintage Mercantile.

3. Fresh flowers - I always need some flowers to make a room feel more sophisticated and romantic.

4. Couch- I want an area for those rare mornings that the husband and I can enjoy conversation and coffee kidless.

5. Candles - nothing shouts romance like tons of lighted candles. It just relaxes me and sets a very calm mood. Not to mention I love a good smelling room!!

6&8 kinda go hand in hand a coffee pot and cute coffee cups are a no brainer for a functioning master bedroom coffee bar.

7. Cowboy vibe - We live and breath the cowboy way of life. We live in the headquarter house of the Switch House Ranch. I was born and raised her and have been blessed to return and raise my family.

9. Mirrors - Mirrors are crucial for me...lol  They create a fun look when they're grouped together.

10. Sheds - thankfully these are very easy for me to get a hold of while just driving around out in the pasture. Sheds  create a fun nature look. I love to wrap a set of candles with an antler.

Master Bedroom Inspiration


  1. I love the idea of a coffee bar in the bedroom....I picture slow, lazy mornings (which I'm sure are rare on a ranch and with kids!). I'm a huge fan of the sheds too!

  2. Those mornings are extremely hard to come by! Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend!