Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gel Polish Removal at Home!

Afternoon ladies! So glad that the internet is back up and running. Today I'm bringing you an at home gel polish removal. If you're like me you are a momma and have a million better things to do then sit there at the nail salon while they remove your gel polish. Not to mention other things to use the money on. I recently started doing gel polish again after having Taos. While I was at the nail salon a few weeks ago I thought to myself I do not want to sit here wasting time getting my polish removed. I did a little online research and tried it out for myself. So here we go ladies!

Easy as literally 1-2-3!! I love gel nails. It's a great long lasting look without the damage of acrylic. And if you hear it is damaging, it is most likely due to improper removal such as picking and  peeling it off. Do you gel nail? What are some of your favorite colors for this summer?


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