Friday, May 22, 2015

Fun Flamingo Friday!!

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Happy Friday!! I know the weather here in Texas is a complete mess.  Between the monsoon rains and cool temperature you would never know that summer is right around the corner. Just give it a few days and it'll be back it its warm sunny self again. I will say as ranchers we are totally soaking up this wonderful moisture!

Today I wanted to bring you a fun outfit that just might lift you right out of that rainy slump you just might be in, as I am. I have always been obsessed with flamingoes, even when it wasn't cool. There just isn't any other bird that has pink feathers and is so much fun on clothes, headbands, well pretty much anything.

You know I'm all about the pattern mixing, BUT sometimes its fun to recreate the same pattern through out your look by different looks of the same thing. I love this cute tank along with the scrunchy headband. You pair these two cuties with some pink skinnies and black and white polkadot Keds, and you have a super cute happy go lucky look for any fun summer activity. I honestly feel like you can never have too much pink. Keep your makeup looking light and add some soft pink blush and this amazing pink from Tarte to your lips.

I hope this fun look put as big a smile on you as it did me. What is the weather doing in your neck of the woods? I have to post the pictures I took the other day of all the flooding that h as taken place down the 13 miles of dirt road we live down. We have been in a stage 5 drought for a good while and the good Lord just keeps blessing us with rain. They finally moved our drought to a stage 3 and the lakes are spilling over. What a wonderful blessing!


Fun Flamingo Friday!!

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