Sunday, May 17, 2015

101 in 1001 Days

My favorite blogger, Katey McFarlan, Friday on her blog Chronicles if Frivolity shared a friend of hers concept of 101 in 1001. It is a list of 101 things you complete in 1001 days. When I read her list I became inspired to jump in on the fun myself. What a great way to take a look at your life and give yourself a doable amount of time to check things off your do to list.

                                                         Start Date: May 18, 2015

                                                           End Date: February 11, 2018


 1. Plant a vegetable garden and eat from it.

2. Potty train Taos.

3. Learn to make macaroons.

4. Learn to bake cheesecake.

5. Read the whole Bible.

6. Keep my flowers alive a whole summer.

7. Draw everyday for a month.

8. Save money for Dyson hardwood floor vacuum.

9. Organize my closet and keep it that way.

10. Keep my legs shaved for a whole winter.

11. Teach Pecos how to write her name.

12. Design my own kid's clothing line.

13. Iron Cameron's work shirts.

14. Encourage  others daily.

15. Raise strong, smart, independent children.

16. Shine His light to all around me.

17.Start a home Bible study.

18. Host a family holiday.

19. Sign Pecos up for Summer Programm.

20. Help Taos learn to walk.

21. Go back to school.

22. Fix my hair everyday for a two weeks,

23. Give back to community.

24. Make new friends,

25.Ask forgiveness often.

26. Offer forgiveness often.

27. Be more patient.

28. Send flowers to someone just because.

29. Buy a set of cattle for the kids.

30. Teach my children manners,

31. Show compassion when it is undeserved in my selfish eyes.

32. Eat healthy for a whole month.

33. Do something outside my comfort zone,

34. Reach out to someone in need: friend or stranger.

35. Live each day like it's my birthday

36. Do crafts with the kids.

37. Be outside more.

38. Go to bed before 9 every night for a week.

39. Leave my phone downstairs every night for a month.

40. Take more pictures.

41. Take a photography class.

42. Have girls nights.

43. Show gratitude daily.

44. Start each day on my knees in prayer for 3 weeks.

45. Family pictures.

46. Make canvas art of family photos.

47. Get a flat tummy.

48. Be honest even when honesty is not easy.

49. Be a better friend

50. Volunteer at a pregnancy help center on the regular.

51. Pray for children's salvation.

52. Pray for children's spouses.

53. Start a college fund for the kids.

54. Swim everyday for a week.

55. Learn to play a musical instrument.

56. Grow my hair out.

57. Ride horses every day for a week.


58. Have another baby.

59. Watch a movie every night with Cameron for a week.

60. Have a date night once a month for a whole year.

61. Disney World with the kids.

62. Visit Cameron's grandpa in Washington.

63. Visit Cameron's grandma in Florida.

64. Visit my family in Reno.

65. Yearly vacation with Cameron.

66. Spoil my Mom more.

67. Do a home project with Cameron.

68. Go hunting with Cameron and shoot a deer.

69. Tell Cameron everyday how grateful I am for him and what he does for the family.

70. Make Cameron breakfast in bed,

71. Cameron teach me how grill steaks.

72. Go work with Cameron at least once a week for a whole year.

73. Love unconditionally.

74. Keep a surprise from Cameron.

75. Spend more time with my sisters.

76. Take the kids to the zoo.

77. Take the kids to the water park.

78. Visit my Denton friends each month.

79. Make Cameron breakfast every morning for a month.

80. Have a daily prayer and bible study with Cameron.

81. Teach Pecos to ride by herself.

82. More family time.


83. Expand my hair clientele.

84. Grow my blog into a career.

85. Take a hair color class.

86. Learn new hair cutting technique.

87. Run an add in the paper.

88. Learn to do extension.

89. Learn to sew better.


90. Paint living room orange.

91.  Paint formal living room black.

92. Recover furniture in crushed velvet.

93. Paint master bathroom.

94. Repaint patio furniture.

95. Have a Frida inspired dining room.

96. Revamp playroom.

97. Make our bedroom a romantic getaway.

98. Paint walls of stairway turquoise.


99. See Taylor Swift.

100. See Lana Del Rey

101. See Vance Joy.

Wheee, that was fun! Have you done any of these? Hope you have a great Monday! It's gonna be a great week!



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