Monday, March 16, 2015

Inexpensive Daily Makeup

Good Monday  morning y'all! We are on day two of pairing everything up on the ranch getting ready for shipping this summer! It's been a busy past two days of cooking, but I needed a little blogging getaway from the stovetop!
I don't know about y'all, but I love my "good makeup". You know what I'm talking about, the makeup we cringe at the thought of telling your husband or boyfriend just how much you spent on it. If you're like me I always say I'm not the one with $1200 handmade boots and spend $400 on bits...hehe Anyways most days I'm at the house doing housework or out with the husband feeding cattle, and so on. I'm one of those people who always wants to look half way decent even if I'm just at the house. So that being said I begin to see how quickly my "good makeup" was going. Being a momma I'm always looking for ways to save a penny any where I can. Yesterday when I made my quick Wal Mart trip at 7:30 { by the way that is the best time to go } I made a quick sweep through the makeup aisles. I have never seen the brand Flower before and the display caught my eye. I'm a sucker for cute product containers and fun displays. Those people really know what they're doing. I'm a big wearer of BB Cream and instantly spotted theirs. I also found Daily Brightening under eye cover cream. I suffer from allergies and always seem to have dark circles no matter how much sleep I get. I also got their concealer. I'm fairly new to concealer, yes make fun of me, but I decided to try it out. I have always loved the look of Hard Candy, yet once again a sucker for cute packaging. I've always wanted to try a primer, but for some reason I just never had. I got the Sheer Envy Primer Perfecting. For me it always seem that once afternoon hits it looks like I never even put makeup on. Let me tell you I put makeup on about 8:30, and last night when I got home around 11 it still looked fresh. I'm a big believer now in some  primer. I'm obsessed with the "highlighted" look, but never have been quite brave enough to take the challenge until I spotted Hard Candy's Highlight and Contour cheek Duo. It's a stick with a highlight section on top and a soft pink on bottom. 
Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!!

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  1. I'm the same way when it comes to my expensive make-up! I try to save it for actually going out. I'm sure our livestock don't mind my wal-mart finds ;) and I also use the same method of making my Husband not think my purchases are that bad... but you just bought a $1000.00 gun and 5 new pairs of Cinch jeans... lol. Happy Monday Jordan!