Monday, March 2, 2015

Consuela Bags

Happy Monday! Today as I sit here listening to the snow fall off the house I feel so hopeful of sunshine as spring is just a few days away! I'm so glad to welcome March! This is an exciting month here at Western Homestead. Not only am I excited about the spring fashion I also am embarking on my new journey of starting our very first vegetable garden! I'm a little nervous, but I found a wonderful book, "The Backyard Homestead" to help me along. You can read about utilizing a small amount of land and being able to grow everything you may need including having chickens and pigs. There are also chapter on canning  what you grow so you will be able to enjoy the fruits or vegetables of your labor year round. If you're a new gardener with not much land or a lot of land I think this would be a great book to grab. I got mine at Tractor Supply. I can't wait to get the kids out of the house and start our garden. I feel it will be a great learning experience for us all as a family. Also it will be a simple new chore for Pecos of watering the garden.  She loves to be outside and help, whether it's feeding the horses and bottle calves or opening gates for her daddy. Poor girl, he has her trained early!
The most exciting news is that my very first piece in the North Texas Farm and Ranch magazine will be hitting the press on March 23rd. This is when their April issues comes out. Be sure to get  your copy. Each month there will an exclusive look from yours truly. It seems I have tried for years to find my nitch, I feel like I'm where God wants me to be. He  keeps opening new doors for me through this blog. I love hearing from readers saying they are enjoying what they're reading. You all are a huge inspiration to me to keep creating and posting each day. I love my job!!
Consuela Tote || The Rollin' J
Consuela Cosmetic Bag || The Rollin' J
I love my Consuela totes and cosmetic bags The totes are great as an overnight bag, diaper bag, or a day at the zoo to shove all kindas things in them. Check our The Rollin' J for more options!!

Happy Texas Indepence Day!!

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