Monday, March 9, 2015

A Little Bundle: For Baby and Momma

Good Monday morning!! So last week I took some time to enjoy with the babes. I have been so hard at it for the past two months with this amazing blog, that I wanted to take it easy and spend some much needed snuggle time with Pecos and Taos. 

When I was pregnant with Pecos I made one of the best friends I've made in life with Lauren Neal while working at ULTA. Since moving home from Denton and Lauren moving to Austin to finish fashion school we have always kept in contact with each other. Right after Christmas Lauren started working for a new company called A Little Bundle. 

Little Bundle provides curated bundles of products for both mother and her baby, choosing from products from around the world that meet only the highest quality and design standards. They also work with designers and vendors to create Exclusive products just for their subscribers and their A Little Shop! Their bundles are now available for children up to 2 years old!
What's that you say? How does it work?

1.Choose your plan.

Choose a Bundle Plan:
Monthly, 3 Months, or 6 Months

2.Tell us about you & your baby.

Tell us all about the mother and baby - we've got goodies for both!

3.Get your little bundle.

Discover new high-quality products with your little ones. Get excited!

A Little Bundle starts out at $43 and go up to $99 for their large bundles. No bundle is the same, and all products they include in your monthly bundle are only of the highest quality. They work with designers and vendors to give us as their customers exclusive products. Each month has a theme. This month { February} was apples!! You can start at pregnancy and go through 2 years of age.

Every item we received in our bundle was something that was new to me. On Instagram I'm always finding cute new shops with funky baby clothes. This adorable Apple shirt comes from Bright Beige. I had recently bought Taos some super cute bright green, yellow, and turquoise pants. His daddy wasn't too happy, but soon enough  Taos will only want Levi's and pearl snaps. It's my only chance! So when I opened our bundle I was so excited to pair this apple tee with his green pants!! Um I might be bias but he looked adorable!! The lip gloss and butter balm from Live Beautifully I'm already totally obsessed with. The whipped butter balm I use multiple times a day, especially every night before bed. It leaves my lips so soft each morning when I wake up, and did I mention the heavenly vanilla aroma it has? It's so yummy!! The Putomayo Kids CD is loved by each member of the family...yes even Daddy!! It has fun songs from many different cultures. They are upbeat and fun songs! Yesterday while I mopped I may have danced the whole way listening to it. I love that it introduces my children to different cultures though listening. The cute little pouch for all us Mommas who lose stuff { me me me! } helps keep all our essentials in one place for a quick pick me up. My Live Beautifully gloss and whipped butter balm fit perfectly in there with some cash. This momma always needs some lips and money!! I recently have discovered my love for all things paper through my Bible Journaling. So when I spied the cutest little note card in our bundle I immediately started wondering who will be the lucky person I would send this to! The designer is Jilly Jack Designs.

I was so pleased with our very first bundle that I signed Pecos up for this coming month! I cannot wait to see what A Little Bundle brings to our little family! I strongly recommend you to sign you and your little a up if you enjoy staying up to date with the latest kiddo and momma accessories. 

Subscribe at A Little Bundle
You can also shop all their products at A Little Shop

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