Monday, March 30, 2015

Black and White Patterns

Hey lovies! We made it through Monday! Boy, was it a rough one for this Momma! After thinking we were in the clear we ended right back at the asthma specialist this afternoon to learn that Taos now has tonsillitis and no improvement with his poor little ears. It was a long day of roadtrippin with two grumpy babies and my Momma. Never the less we made it home in one piece and everyone is peacefully at rest and content for the first time all day. Praise you Jesus!!
I know I have been really harping on the springy pastels and preaching about putting that black back in your closet, but I just can't seem to stay away from the stripes. My go to strips are always black and white. You can so rock these this spring in any type of outfit whether you're running errands, at the office, or date night. It is super fun to add a pop of color with your jewelry, a fringed handbag, or even some texture to your handbag. I feel like these three looks could really please any style you might be shooting for.
 The first I love because it shouts out happy go lucky run around town. From the cute crop top and acid washed jeans to the cute fedora and angora handbag it is an outfit full of twist and turns that go along with where ever your day or night may take you.
The second I can see on a sophisticated lady who spends her days at the office. I think this would be a fabulous look for casual Friday of lunch dates with clients. You have a great sheer collared shirt and great heels paired with jeans that tone the outfit down to the perfect volume.
I saved my personal favorite for last!! Would you just look at that gorgeous turquoise and pop of yellow paired with a timeless innocent gingham shirt. Add a little coral to the mix on your lips and strap on those fabulous fringed flat sandals and you have a great look!
Again I challenge you to take these looks as a whole or pick and choose from them and create your own striped look for Spring! Use hashtag #whstripedspring I can't wait to see what y'all come up with!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Looks

Easter Looks by jordan-finney on

Hey everyone! So sorry I've been absent from the blog the last couple weeks. I have had a super sick baby with RSV and  ear infections. Thankfully we are finally on the mend.

Today being Palm Sunday has really got me in the mood for some Easter fashion. If you're like  me you still don't have your outfit picked for Easter Sunday. I took some time this evening to put together a few looks that I felt would fit any Easter occasion. Whether it be church or hunting eggs with the kiddos.

I love to find looks that are way out of my budget and create it by visiting my favorite local boutiques. This looks cover almost every hot look this spring. We've got florals, pastels, denims, and fringe!!  I would love to see your Easter outfits this coming Sunday via Instagram styling your look through these looks. Whether you take one item from a look, embrace an entire look, or pick and choose from all three looks. Use hashtag #westernhomesteadeaster

I hope y'all have a wonderful week, and I look forward to getting back at it!!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Inexpensive Daily Makeup

Good Monday  morning y'all! We are on day two of pairing everything up on the ranch getting ready for shipping this summer! It's been a busy past two days of cooking, but I needed a little blogging getaway from the stovetop!
I don't know about y'all, but I love my "good makeup". You know what I'm talking about, the makeup we cringe at the thought of telling your husband or boyfriend just how much you spent on it. If you're like me I always say I'm not the one with $1200 handmade boots and spend $400 on bits...hehe Anyways most days I'm at the house doing housework or out with the husband feeding cattle, and so on. I'm one of those people who always wants to look half way decent even if I'm just at the house. So that being said I begin to see how quickly my "good makeup" was going. Being a momma I'm always looking for ways to save a penny any where I can. Yesterday when I made my quick Wal Mart trip at 7:30 { by the way that is the best time to go } I made a quick sweep through the makeup aisles. I have never seen the brand Flower before and the display caught my eye. I'm a sucker for cute product containers and fun displays. Those people really know what they're doing. I'm a big wearer of BB Cream and instantly spotted theirs. I also found Daily Brightening under eye cover cream. I suffer from allergies and always seem to have dark circles no matter how much sleep I get. I also got their concealer. I'm fairly new to concealer, yes make fun of me, but I decided to try it out. I have always loved the look of Hard Candy, yet once again a sucker for cute packaging. I've always wanted to try a primer, but for some reason I just never had. I got the Sheer Envy Primer Perfecting. For me it always seem that once afternoon hits it looks like I never even put makeup on. Let me tell you I put makeup on about 8:30, and last night when I got home around 11 it still looked fresh. I'm a big believer now in some  primer. I'm obsessed with the "highlighted" look, but never have been quite brave enough to take the challenge until I spotted Hard Candy's Highlight and Contour cheek Duo. It's a stick with a highlight section on top and a soft pink on bottom. 
Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Let's Be Mermaids!!

Mermaid Tank || Shop Riff Raff
Cuff || Loren Hope
Hexagon Bangles || Chloe and Isabel
Lipstick || Nordstroms
Why hello spring like weather this week! I'm loving the rainy days, because we are in need of it! I can't wait for the sunshine and 70 degree weather that awaits us later in the week.
Today I brought you my current favorite tank from Riff Raff. What is better than daydreaming about being a mermaid?? It is a great light weight tank perfect to wear by itself or layer with a cute cardigan on those brisk spring mornings. I also included my favorite bracelets that I pretty well wear every day!! Also this lipstick has become my new favorite in the two whole days of actually having it and wearing. I have been admiring it on others, and lovin it on myself!!
Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Little Bundle: For Baby and Momma

Good Monday morning!! So last week I took some time to enjoy with the babes. I have been so hard at it for the past two months with this amazing blog, that I wanted to take it easy and spend some much needed snuggle time with Pecos and Taos. 

When I was pregnant with Pecos I made one of the best friends I've made in life with Lauren Neal while working at ULTA. Since moving home from Denton and Lauren moving to Austin to finish fashion school we have always kept in contact with each other. Right after Christmas Lauren started working for a new company called A Little Bundle. 

Little Bundle provides curated bundles of products for both mother and her baby, choosing from products from around the world that meet only the highest quality and design standards. They also work with designers and vendors to create Exclusive products just for their subscribers and their A Little Shop! Their bundles are now available for children up to 2 years old!
What's that you say? How does it work?

1.Choose your plan.

Choose a Bundle Plan:
Monthly, 3 Months, or 6 Months

2.Tell us about you & your baby.

Tell us all about the mother and baby - we've got goodies for both!

3.Get your little bundle.

Discover new high-quality products with your little ones. Get excited!

A Little Bundle starts out at $43 and go up to $99 for their large bundles. No bundle is the same, and all products they include in your monthly bundle are only of the highest quality. They work with designers and vendors to give us as their customers exclusive products. Each month has a theme. This month { February} was apples!! You can start at pregnancy and go through 2 years of age.

Every item we received in our bundle was something that was new to me. On Instagram I'm always finding cute new shops with funky baby clothes. This adorable Apple shirt comes from Bright Beige. I had recently bought Taos some super cute bright green, yellow, and turquoise pants. His daddy wasn't too happy, but soon enough  Taos will only want Levi's and pearl snaps. It's my only chance! So when I opened our bundle I was so excited to pair this apple tee with his green pants!! Um I might be bias but he looked adorable!! The lip gloss and butter balm from Live Beautifully I'm already totally obsessed with. The whipped butter balm I use multiple times a day, especially every night before bed. It leaves my lips so soft each morning when I wake up, and did I mention the heavenly vanilla aroma it has? It's so yummy!! The Putomayo Kids CD is loved by each member of the family...yes even Daddy!! It has fun songs from many different cultures. They are upbeat and fun songs! Yesterday while I mopped I may have danced the whole way listening to it. I love that it introduces my children to different cultures though listening. The cute little pouch for all us Mommas who lose stuff { me me me! } helps keep all our essentials in one place for a quick pick me up. My Live Beautifully gloss and whipped butter balm fit perfectly in there with some cash. This momma always needs some lips and money!! I recently have discovered my love for all things paper through my Bible Journaling. So when I spied the cutest little note card in our bundle I immediately started wondering who will be the lucky person I would send this to! The designer is Jilly Jack Designs.

I was so pleased with our very first bundle that I signed Pecos up for this coming month! I cannot wait to see what A Little Bundle brings to our little family! I strongly recommend you to sign you and your little a up if you enjoy staying up to date with the latest kiddo and momma accessories. 

Subscribe at A Little Bundle
You can also shop all their products at A Little Shop

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Transformation Thursday

So last week in my "5 Tips to Transitioning from Winter to Spring" I challenged y'all to take a leap of faith with your hair. My very sweet and beautiful friend from church approached me Monday evening about taking her look to the next level. As long as I have known Tiffany she has had long hair. She is a wonderful mother of three beautiful children. She has a five year old, three year old, and almost two year old. She is pretty much a rockstar. We fellow Mommas understand how long hair can become such a hastle when you have children. She decided to take the big leap of faith to a cute and fun pixie cut for the summer time. She is a beautiful person and has one of the best personalities I've ever seen in a person....the look just fit her!! I personally have not done very many of these drastic transformations. I hit my girl Whippy Cake up for some inspiration! She is the queen of pixie cuts! I encourage Yall to look her up. She is one of my absolute favorite bloggers. 

So yesterday morning I loaded up the kiddos for a play date and a fun transformation. Tiffany donated her hair to Locks of Love. So I cut her pony tail off and went to work. It's so fun to have children around as you make a transformation because we all know children are brutally honest. Her son said I love your hair momma and so did Pecos!! 

So here is your transformations!! 

When the kiddos and I got home Tiffany was having so much fun finding new ways of styling her new pixie cute. She had styles of curly and a sleek straight look, even played with a half up look. I am so honored that I got to be a part of her new transformation!! 


Monday, March 2, 2015

Consuela Bags

Happy Monday! Today as I sit here listening to the snow fall off the house I feel so hopeful of sunshine as spring is just a few days away! I'm so glad to welcome March! This is an exciting month here at Western Homestead. Not only am I excited about the spring fashion I also am embarking on my new journey of starting our very first vegetable garden! I'm a little nervous, but I found a wonderful book, "The Backyard Homestead" to help me along. You can read about utilizing a small amount of land and being able to grow everything you may need including having chickens and pigs. There are also chapter on canning  what you grow so you will be able to enjoy the fruits or vegetables of your labor year round. If you're a new gardener with not much land or a lot of land I think this would be a great book to grab. I got mine at Tractor Supply. I can't wait to get the kids out of the house and start our garden. I feel it will be a great learning experience for us all as a family. Also it will be a simple new chore for Pecos of watering the garden.  She loves to be outside and help, whether it's feeding the horses and bottle calves or opening gates for her daddy. Poor girl, he has her trained early!
The most exciting news is that my very first piece in the North Texas Farm and Ranch magazine will be hitting the press on March 23rd. This is when their April issues comes out. Be sure to get  your copy. Each month there will an exclusive look from yours truly. It seems I have tried for years to find my nitch, I feel like I'm where God wants me to be. He  keeps opening new doors for me through this blog. I love hearing from readers saying they are enjoying what they're reading. You all are a huge inspiration to me to keep creating and posting each day. I love my job!!
Consuela Tote || The Rollin' J
Consuela Cosmetic Bag || The Rollin' J
I love my Consuela totes and cosmetic bags The totes are great as an overnight bag, diaper bag, or a day at the zoo to shove all kindas things in them. Check our The Rollin' J for more options!!

Happy Texas Indepence Day!!