Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life Lately Closet Confessionals

It's late as usual and I have a few fashion confessions to make to y'all! I'm here to come clean with you about the items in my wardrobe I've been abusing the past month. Sometimes I like to sit on the floor in my closet and think over life. So  tonight as I sat in it staring at the selection of clothing it became a confessional.  I get in these crazy creativity whirlwinds from time to time and love to see how many different looks I can create with what's in my closet. I love blogging, but at times it can get expensive with the feeling that I must give y'all something new each post. I know that most of y'all out there are mommas just like me that have a budget. A cowboy and a hairdresser/stay at home momma have a tight budget well pretty much every month. I know you feel me out there sisters! Sometimes my husband looks at me in sheer anger when I sob about having nothing to wear, when that is not the case at all. I might just be noticing those few extra pounds of baby weight I have still left to shred that day We all have those days and I honestly might have them more than I would like to admit to y'all.
I have created this funky fun look for y'all literally in about two minutes of rummaging through the closet picking up things I've been wearing the heck outta this past month. I love fur. I love stripes, I love washed out skinnies. I love to armparty { the only kinda party I do here lately } And we would all be lying { well maybe just me } but I eat way too much pizza { because I've been on a cooking strike, just ask my husband } and I love my "Gimme Pizza" WildFox tee. And I love to revamp my favorite pieces and give them new life.

Sometimes some of my favorite outfits come together in a whirl of frantically looking through your closet. I even practiced some layering from my previous post of transcending from winter to spring with your look.  I'm embracing my own tips, as I have an appointment tomorrow to get me a new summer look. I'm embarrassed to say the last time I actually got my own hair done was right after Thanksgiving! Hello new growth!
I actually have added a couple new things to my closet this week that I wanted to share with you.

 I am totally in love with Chloe and Isabel. I wear these bangles everyday!! They have so many wonderful  collections that range from Retro Vintage to Desert Bloom. They have something for everyone!! Take a look HERE
Also I have seen everyone rockin the  leopard fold over clutch from Revolving Clothing. I love this awesome clutch that can double as a purse just by snapping on the strap.

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