Friday, February 27, 2015

Let it Go Momma!! Pecos Jane Fashion

I know what you're thinking, double post Friday?? Yes, but this time I'm bringing to you my much cuter mini me. This is my beautiful two year old daughter Pecos Jane. Yup, the one who made me Momma. The one who stole my heart on an early October morning. The one who brought me to tears over the love that my heart burst with as me and her daddy ewwed and awed over her sheer existence. Jesus did bless us that morning, but we had no idea of the wonderful blessings that were to come from this tiny human. The first year of Pecos' life Cameron was gone weeks at a time day working making a wonderful life for us. She became my one and only best friend. She never napped, and Cameron teases me it's because I wouldn't let her because I needed my bestie 24/7. Looking back I do believe there may have been some truth to that.
Last October when we officially moved back to the Switch House we celebrated her first birthday and just a few days later found out we were expecting another baby. Oh dang, is all that ran through my head. We lived in a tiny one roomed bunkhouse, but daddy was home every night. Life was good, but I was so scared of how we would raise two babies under two in a one roomed bunk house. Let me tell you friends, our God always provides! In January my generous father let us move into the house that I grew up in. Talk about a huge blessing!
As the month went by we prepared a one year as much as one can to become a big sister. Let me tell you she totally rocks in the big sister department. From the moment she laid eyes on Taos she has been so loving and protective. She still doesn't like it when someone is holding him and starts to walk away. She says hey that's my bubba!
In September Taos was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with constructive airway disease. This has been a constant battle of brochilitus. With a newborn and the stress of the constant sickness I was over come with fear of every little thing. I began to suffer from post partum anxiety. I would literally go days without sleep laying there hearing every bump and creak  possible and rushing multiple times to check to see if the kids were still in their beds. I was completely paranoid. This became an issue for me.  Through prayer and scripture I have found peace with things. I have finally returned to my free spirited self. Thank you Lord!
So, that being said the kids have been sick the past two weeks and we haven't got to enjoy the snow. After all morning of Pecos adorablely staring out the window saying "It's snowing, Mama!', I gave in! So we went up stairs and I said get yourself dressed, and then let her go to my closet to pick something out. She is girl after my own heart, because she picked my favorite fur vest. It is so much fun to just let go and let her be creative. It is a little scary how much she reminds me of myself. From the dress tutu flower leggings and pink mud boots, it just melts my heart! I just had to share these pictures. There are days my house is a complete bomb explosion, kids are sick, there's baby food all over the table, and dishes in the sink. I have learned to let go and enjoy these days with my babies. This is the last day they will ever be as little as they are today. I live by this sentence with my kids. I catch myself wishing for the next stage in life, and then I wake up. Bless my husband's heart, I'm already asking for another baby when Pecos starts kindergarten. I never knew I was such a motherly person till I became a mom!
So I encourage you Momma, just let it go!! Yes Elsa style!! I find when I just let go and put away my eyes that pick apart my home and my laptop and computer, and embrace "making messies" as Pecos says and cuddling those babes life is so much sweeter!! Enjoy you snow day with you babies!!

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