Monday, February 2, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday

Good Monday  morning! I hope you all had a great relaxing weekend and are ready to rock this coming week! Today is a little bit of a different blog. I wanted to share my brand new logo with ya'll. It was designed, drawn, and painted by Rong Rong Du. She is a very successful fashion illustration from Houston, Texas. I found her on Etsy one night when my creativity just would not let me rest. She asked me for inspiration and let me tell ya folks she delivered!! So without further ado, here it is!!!
This is a huge step forward in growing my blog into what I am wanting it to be. I hope each one of you finds inspiration every day with each post. I want to show you that you can have fun with your style and not have to spend a ton of money. There are fun ways to take a piece from your wardrobe and up cycle it by adding and taking away layers and jewelry. This week I am going to be showing you how to create a few different looks with the Valentine sweater from last week. Also this week we leave for vacation to Santa Fe and I will be sharing my packing list and each outfit I will be taking. If you know me and see this post and then later next week when I share my vacation photos, all outfits are subject to change. That is just who I am! I love creating something new all the time. Also tomorrow I will have my Valentine Wishlist to share with  you all.
I hope you are just as excited as I am about this upcoming week! This is my husband's and mine first vacation to take with each other and we've been together for over six years. It's  going to be a little emotional for this momma to leave her babies. I know we will have a great time, and rush home to our babies on the end.
Happy Monday!