Sunday, February 15, 2015

Denim and Fur on a Monday

Beanie || Livin' the Dream
Denim Jacket || Riff Raff
Faux Fur Vest || Riff Raff
Denim || Target
Cheetah Wedges || Southern Jewlz
Good Monday morning loveis!!! Just as we were getting spoiled by the 80 degree weather last week here comes cold weather rushing on in!! In hopes of cheering y'all up with a double case of blah on account of the weather and yet again it's Monday, I'm bringing you a fun look of denim and fur. Also a little pattern mixing never put a damper on my day! It's time to strap on some leopard and get your sass on this Monday morning and rock it sista!!
 I think that there is no other love like finding the perfect denim jacket. I honestly have been looking all winter long, and I didn't spot this beaut till a couple weeks ago. I love the washed out color and the sheer fact that it isn't fitted at all. It's great for layer { y'all know it's my fave} When you take the perfect denim and add fur one can only lust over a look like this. This faux fur vest from Riff Raff has been something from my closet that has been used A LOT!! It has a great fit { also bought a size up } and that helps with the fit of layering over my favorite coats. As I'm sure you remember how great it looked over my thrift store army coat. My skinnies are my favorite pair I own...well maybe they come second to my faithful Old Navy's. I'm a total sucker for the distressed look and the comments from the cute little old men and ladies asking me if I have been working hard. Well of course I have been!! Again I say to you, what is an outfit without a little pattern mixing? My cheetah wedges are such a great way to top off the look. I think they are quite popular as I could not find them on Southern Jewlz website for our  shopping links today. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with restocks on the wedges along with following Livin' the Dream Boutique to find their super cute beanie featured in today's look.
By the way y'all I'm sipping on some Lemon Chiffon hot tea I picked up at the grocery store last week. It is absolutely to die for!! I became I huge hot tea fan while I was pregnant with Taos when I was introduced to pregnancy tea. My cabinet is full of passion tea, nighty night tea, and green tea just to name a few.
Also,  DO NOT FORGET about our getaway going on this week!! ENTER IT...NOW!!!!

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