Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5 Tips for Transcending Your Look from Winter to Spring

I know we are all so tired of the cold, and in some areas of Texas the worse is yet to come in the days ahead. Ice and snow storms are sweeping the state. I have been cooped up with two babes with colds the past couple days, and I'm longing for sunshine! I decided instead of whining about the dreary cold, chapped lips and faces, and dry skin that I'm going to bring you five tips for transcending your style from winter to spring!
1} Kiss Winter Goodbye!

All the lovely pastel and bright colors that come along with the rain  and breezes of spring don't just have a place in our wardrobes. I'm a big fan of colored lips. Coral, pink, or a peachy lip color will help you move from frigid to firey in just a few swipes! Also don't forget to pair your lips with shimmery shadows that will guide your toward the sunlight of cut offs and tank tops!

I have been adoring this shade on a favorite blogger of mine and purchased it for myself to transcend on out of this wintery funk I'm in! Purchase HERE

2} Add Some Prints

This winter has been full of one major print and that is plaid. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of the plaidness, but I love change! This spring it's all about the large print floral and plaid is still in but it is more of a picnic tablecloth print. This splash of print can come from any direction, just be your own rainbow. You could pick a scarf, funky vest, or even as pictured above a great kimono. This is what is so wonderful about finding you own unique personal style is that you can do pretty much anything you want! Don't be scared. Wear it and wear it proudly!

3} Dip into Some Color

Nothing breaks a drab mood like a fresh breath of some color! Take a hint from the rays of sunshine that surround you as they break through those gray clouds. You can incorporate this in your sweaters and coats as a way of saying "it may be cold right now, but not for long!'

4} Get Your Summer Do

It's time to put the beanies out to pasture and focus on that gorgeous mane of your's! It's time for a fun change for the summer. I myself have been searching pinterest like a maniac looking for that perfect summer color. I've had all I can stand of the dark haired world. I'm ready to put a little blonde back into my world for the first time in a couple years. I challenge you to go out on a limb and try a new style, cut, or color. It just  might the thing you have been needing to get you broke out of those wintery blues. I have done ombre, but I'm wanting to do a more dramatic look than ever before, I love how the girl pictured above starts out dark at the root and transcends perfectly into a gorgeous light blonde.

5} Go Light on the Layers

There is no need to lug around a heavy coat on those in between weather type days. Try light cotton toppers, sheer kimonos,  or maybe even a blazer. You can choose your own poison. The fun thing about this is that you can layer as much or as little as needed. As the day goes and temperature rises you can peel the layers off as needed. My only advice is to keep the black in your closet. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate that pop of color or prints.

I hope yall are staying warm, and just know we are on the downward slide toward sunshine and warmer weather!! I hope these few tips are helpful in transcending with grace from winter to spring. With this Texas weather this could be a weekly thing!


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