Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blogging Must Haves


As a new blogger I'm still learning about the whole blogging world. Each evening  I grab my favorite drink { tonight being a margarita}, my A Beautiful Mess planner, laptop, and iPhone. These are my top four things I must have before settling in for writing to you lovelies.
 Sunday nights are spent with my face buried in my planner sitting on the floor in my closet. I love piecing together a one of a kind look to share with ya'll. You will learn that I love being "thrifty" by using vintage finds and using articles of clothing more than once and creating a completely different look each time. I'm a firm believer in the fact that you don't have a spend a fortune to have a fun and stylish wardrobe. I'm a stay at home mom of a two year old and baby, so I'm always on a budget.
As far as my laptop I wanted something I could blog more efficiently. Until last week I did all of my blogging from my phone and used only IPhone quality pictures. I wanted a laptop that I could just stick my memory card in from my Canon camera and upload simple and quick. I feel like this alone has made my blogs better. Who doesn't love great visual aids? I didn't want to spend a ton of money right with one kiddo who is prone to spills and another who spit up on my laptop the first night I had it. That is the exact reason I didn't want to go fancy at this point in time. Mom life is sweet, but it sure can be messy at times.
My planner is my most favorite planner I have ever owned. I love the style of it  and that the spaces for each day are big. I am a girl and I do write large and curly. I would be totally lost without a planner. I write every move I make down, so I'm not constantly questioning myself what day I did what. All I have to do flip through the pages.  I strongly recommend them! 
I can't wait to share with ya'll in the next couple of days the fun outfits I have put together. I'm also gearing up for our vacation in Santa Fe and will be sharing with ya'll what I can't leave town with and what will be making the trip with me. With Valentines coming up I have big plans for some super cute outfits that will fit any type of date.
As always, thank you for reading and happy Wednesday!!

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