Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Weekend

A big hello to all the new readers out there!! I hope you have enjoyed the week full of fun outfits and beauty. I know I have so much fun piecing each out fit together and getting creative and challenging my photography skills. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect!!
Yes, fashion is a huge passion of mine, but I wanted to introduce you to the largest passion:  MY FAMILY!! Cameron, my handsome husband, and I have been together for SIX years. We are celebrating our second wedding anniversary next month.
We live on and operate the family ranch, the Switch House Ranch. We run 1,000 head cow calf operation. We spend the winter month feeding everyday and have our annual branding in December. We have fall and spring calvers { which mean we have calves born in the fall and spring.} We ship in June for our big pay day. This isn't just a job to us, it is a way of life, a passion, and love of reaping what we've sewn. I feel so blessed to be able to work a long side my husband and bringing the kids along.
Our daughter Pecos Jane is two. She is a spit fire and a half. From those gorgeous big green eyes draped with the longest lashes to that little grin, she steals every heart she meets. All the men that come help work on the ranch are wrapped around her small finger. She loves going with her daddy to feed cows, help with the bottle calves, and ride the horses. She currently is begging every day for a pony. So, it's looking like Momma and Daddy will be on the market this spring for a good pony for our girl!!
Our son Taos Ray is seven months old this coming Monday. He is growing so quickly!! He is scooting around and FAST!!! We have been battling Constructive Airway Disease with him since September after a hospital visit. With that being said we took full advantage of the warm sunshine today to let Taos have his first ride.
Thank you so much for your loyal reading this week. I have so much planned for next week, and I can't wait to share with ya'll! Lots of cute outfits and even a fun winter cocktail recipe!!
Hope ya'll have a great weekend! See ya Monday for "Fur Frenzy."

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  1. Was great to see yall today! I love the way yall have taught Pecos to have such great manners.She is so sweet and polite.Loved that she waved at me when yall drove off