Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You Are Worthy Momma!

This last week I was gifted some early Christmas money. I was so excited to have a little extra cash to get the kids some new winter clothes. They both are growing like crazy and have outgrown everything warm. Then God sent me a friendly reminder through my favorite devotion Mom's Night Out by Kerri Pomarolli. This is an excellent book and highly recommend it if you're looking for a new devotional with tons of laughs! 

Kerri talks about how her fancy well put together sister in law { we all have them! } bought her a brand new Coach purse for her birthday. Her first thought was how much cash can I get for this thing?! I am so guilty of this as well. She thought that she could get a few cheap purses and sweaters from Mardhall after she sold it on EBay.  She refers to herself as the "queen of garage sells." I myself can totally relate as the queen of thrifting and Target. 

Before she made her decision she used her shiny new Coach purse at the family Thanksgiving. She suddenly noticed a spring in her step and some happiness. We as mothers tend to give ourselves guilt trips when we pamper ourselves to a rare treat. We should embrace the blessings other want to give us and realize we are worthy of them. That's how our Heavenly Father sees us. We are not an item on the dollar table at the thrift store. We are fearfully and beautifully made in His own image. We need to understand that it is okay to treat ourselves every now and then without feeling guilty God wants us to feel cherished. 

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. 
   ~ Psalam 139:14 

So in closing I took heed to this devotion and chose to use the money that was gifted to me on two new Consuela bags I've had my eye on at the local Cavender's for a couple weeks and my first pedicure since Taos was born. I found that I took a little pride and pleasure in my appearance to go teach my sweet two year olds Sunday morning sporting my new bag with my Bible and lesson inside. And did I mention it felt wonderful to soak my toes and have them rubbed while I happily closed my eyes and enjoyed the silence! Go ahead Momma and indulge! You deserve it! It's almost like a mini vacation when you partake in a rare surprise! 

I leave you with two questions that were included in my devotion. 

1} What is your one splurge item you'd buy for yourself if money was no object?

2} Have you ever gotten a gift so fancy you thought you didn't deserve it? What did you do? Would you have done it differently today? 

Dear God, Help me to see myself as You see me: shiny, new, and beautiful, even on days when I feel haggard, tired, and completely spent. Help me to realize how much You value me just for who I am no matter what I do. Thank You for allowing me the grace to treat myself to something special and not feel guilty about it. Amen. 

Happy Wednesday!! Hooray for my dryer getting fixed today, so I can tackle the small mountain of laundry that has been staring at me the past week! Oh and got the cuties posed and snapped for our Christmas card this morning!!  


  1. Yay! So glad you are getting your dryer fixed! And kudos on the adorable picture of your littles! I'll be pondering your questions today... I'm not sure what I would buy myself if money weren't an object...well, probably a new car, but that's more for the family... ;)

  2. I would love some new clothes. As a SAHM I'm always always always in comfy clothes and when I do need to dress up or look somewhat presentable, I find that I don't have anything that makes me feel good or that I actually like.

  3. This post came at just the right time. My husband and I were going back and forth about this exact thing earlier today. I recently received a $500 gift card and felt GUILTY of using it on myself. My children have everything but I mean, they could always have more right? lol I just feel so guilty thinking of myself. My husband keeps trying to convince me that I deserve and I never do anything for myself. This was nice to read! (sorry for babbling lol!)

  4. That picture of your kiddos is adorable! Hmmm, those are hard questions to answer. I have a hard time spending money on myself. My mother in law sends me birthday and Christmas money every year and I ALWAYS end up spending it on needs for the family. BUT, if I could stop doing that, then I'd spend money on a nice getaway weekend with my husband. We desperately need some time together sans kids!

  5. Honestly I have no clue what I would buy. Something for my minis I am sure! & hooray for your dryer being fixed. I know laundry can pile up FAST!

  6. Thank yall! I totally understand the clothes thing. You can find me daily in leggings and big shirts!! I've started on the mountain of laundry. It's not shrinking very fast! Thanks for reading!

  7. You are right. That feeling! Totally there when you treat yourself. It is hard to even remember what that is like sometimes, I'd say we are all guilty of putting the kids first. I feel that way when I manage to paint my nails again. Too bad they chip after a couple days, ha. Good for you =) You deserve a treat sometimes too!

  8. Those are 2 great questions that I'm going to ponder for bit! Great post!

  9. I love that purse! My splurge items are always clothes or shoes for me. Lol. I do have a couple of coach purses that I have gotten as gifts from the hubby and I love them! They were definitely a splurge! But I have now used each of them for YEARS, one of them is as old as my daughter. Lol