Thursday, December 11, 2014

Switch House Branding 2014 in the Kitchen

Hello sweet friends! What a week it has been. I'm overdue on blogging for the week so this one is gonna be a ride! This week we have had our annual branding. So as a rancher's wife my line of work for the week is in the kitchen. I've spent the whole week entertaining two small cowbabies along with cooking three meals a day for 11 men! That in itself is a task. It has been a great week of hard work, laughter, and catching up with friends.

Monday I made Pepperjack Ranch burgers. I kept it super simple as this was my first time with two mobile children cooking for the crew. Sam's Club is a complete life saver for the busy Momma and cook. I bought ground sirloin beef burgers. All I had to do was sprinkle them with Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning and cook them up. I topped them off with Pepperjack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. I also did French fries and brownies with ice cream. 

Tuesday I made chicken and beef fajitas with refried beans and homemade Spanish rice. I buy the fajita meat and season it with our favorite El Venado Red Fajita  Seasoning. I have never made my own rice, but this week I forced myself to learn. 

I started by heating the oil and adding in the onion. I let it cook for about five minutes until the onions were tender. Then I added in my rice, and when I began to brown I added in the chicken broth and salsa. I stirred it until throughly mixed and was warm. Easy as that!

Wednesday I treated myself to a super easy day of roast. I put two five pound roast in both crockpots along with potatoes, carrots, celery, and enough water to cover most of the roast  and let slow cook for about 6 hours. I used Cameron's favorite Kenny's All Purpose Seasoning Cajun. Amazingly they only ate one of the roast so I already had dinner. It was even better as dinner. The meat was super tender, it would just fall right off your fork. 

I have some more recipes I would love to share with yall from the week, but that'll be the next blog!! I have an amazing home made Old Fashion Donut recipes that the guys went crazy over Tuesday morning for breakfast! For now it's time for me to tackle the mound of dirty dishes in both sides of the sink and finish rocking this restless baby in my lap. 

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