Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cowboy's Christmas Wishlist

This lil housewife conducted a super quick interview with the hubs over coffee this morning. So if you have a cowboy to buy for you on your list, well I'll just say this list might be a little helpful. 

1} a roll of snuff This just ensures happiness on not only his part but the entire family's. If you have a dipper in your household you completely understand why. 

2} Yeti Rambler Tumbler These are amazing! They keep what's hot HOT and ice for a day. This is perfect to send them out the door to feed. Get Here!

3} Plainsmans Work Gloves Cameron goes through gloves like crazy. These are pretty inexpensive and good quality. Get Here!

4} Cowboy Honor jeans Cameron loves these jeans and they're made for the working cowboy! Get Here!

5} wild rags 

6} Will James books Get Here!

7} handmade boots

8} iTunes card

9} Mexican candy

10} new saddle from Oliver's Saddle Shop Get Here!

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