Tuesday, December 2, 2014

10 Awesome Things About December

This morning I'm linking up with the Love The Here and Now Blog to share some of my favorite things about this month! Who doesn't love December?

1} I love celebrating the birth of my Savior! It's very important to me because without His birth the cross wouldn't have the same meaning. Thankful for my salvation! 

2} Baking!! I have always loved to bake, but this year I'm broadening my horizons with the decision of making fudge and my grandmother's Apple sauce cake and ginger snaps for friends and family this Christmas. 

3} This month is our annual branding. We have a big crew that comes to stay a week long with us. The week is full of cooking for me and nothing but hot branding fire for the men. This is one of my most favorite parts of our ranching lifestyle. 

4} I love all the lights! Pecos has bee begging to go see the lights since Thanksgiving night. There are a few hot spots we always hit every Christmas. We also go to the Fantasy of Lights at Midwestern State University and there's a house just up the road that has music to their light show. 

5} Family time! I love that this time a year gives us an excuse to get away from the daily grind and go visit Cameron's family. With Cameron's line of work it isn't easy to get away to go visit. 

6} Everyone you bump into this time of year seems to have a Christmas glow. People are more friendly and cheerful than any other time of year. It helps my faith in humanity. 

7} Victoria Secret Fashion Show!!! Yes, I'm so ready for December 9th!! I watch every year and feel completely fat. But who cares! I love to see the creativity of these super talented designers and see the beautiful girls have fun! 

8} The sheer excitement of giving! I love to see the look on friend's and family's faces when they open their gifts. 

9} Coffee and a warm fire!! 

10} Snuggle time with the family!! It's always nice { even thought some of you hate it } that it gets dark at 5:30. That means Cameron is done with work and there's actually time for a sit down family dinner and time to spend with him after I get the kids bathed and to bed. 

What are your favorite things about this month? Join the link up! 

Christmas 2013 { can't wait to get a new picture of all FOUR of us! } 

Love the Here and Now

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