Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hello 2015!!

2015 Resolutions for Western Homestead! 

1} PLAN ~ having my first year of blogging behind me the one thing I have learned is that details matter!! From this point forward I will be ahead of the game with blog planning from material, outfits, and especially the photography! I'm ready to gain some followers in the year to come! 

2} CREATE ~ I will spend more time this year doing what I love! I will draw, paint, write down what inspires me and make it come to life! Whether that be in a painting or an actual outfit. 

3} FREE TO BE ME ~ since motherhood I have put my personal style on the back burner. I have always been indentified in life for my style it's time to take back what was once mine and rock it I want to inspire women to be who they want to be I love looking good no matter if it's date night or I'm feeding cattle 

4} MAKE HUSBAND TIME ~ I get so caught up in being the so called perfect mother that I let the love of my life slip away. I'm booking our first ever vacation together to Sante Fe next week. Yes, we've been together for 6 years and never had a vacation. I'm so excited! 

5} LIVE ~ this year I will not sit back and say what if! I'm jumping in! This is the life the Lord has blessed me with and I'm going to live it to the fullest for His glory! 

Happy 2015! May your year be full of blessings and happiness! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Hairtine!

Welcome to Trendy Tuesday! This is my brand new blogging series on the latest trends in the fashion and beauty world. Each week I will bring you new looks, tips, and tricks! Today we're kicking it off with my weekly hair routine. I know with being a mom or maybe even not being a mom sometimes hair is the last thing on our minds.

Being a new mom to two children ages two and under you can only imagine how I have neglected my hair the past few months. I finally got into my fabulous stylist { my mama } this past week. I was more than ready for a big change. I haven't colored my hair since Taos was a newborn. Four months of no chemicals was a wonderful vacation for my tresses. I decided on a rich plum color. I only use the Framesi Ecletic color line on my hair. This line is a Demi permanent, which means it is not permanent. It is great to use on chemically treated hair. I love this line because unlike other demis, there is no darkening or fading. After each application my hair is left with wonderful shine and softness. As a hairdresser I only use this line and their permanent line on all my clients in the salon.
As far as my weekly hair regiment goes, I only shampoo my hair once a week. I can only imagine what is going through your mind right now. That's so gross! The natural oils your body produce are healthier than any hair product you can use. Dirty hair also works great for styling with braids, curls, or updos. I always ask my clients when doing prom or wedding hair to please come with dirty hair. With a good dry shampoo you can always buy a day or two in between shampoos. My favorite dry shampoo is by Bed Head Oh Bee Hive. Not only does it absorb the oil it also acts as a root lifter making it easy to do fun hairstyles when you're ready for a change. 

My favorite shampoo right now is from the Bed Head Urban Antidotes collection. I have done my fair share of damage to my hair and this collection provides recovery for your hair at three different levels. I use the second level, Recovery. This helps moisturizers  my dyed, fried locks. 

My blow out routine is super simple! I lightly towel dry my hair then spray Framesi's Primer 11 sparingly  throughout my hair. This is a wonderful  leave in conditioner that locks in your color, adds shine, repairs damage,and detangles   just to name a few perks. I use a medium sized round brush focusing on keeping my hair smooth. After running my flat iron over my hair I polish my locks off with Framesi's slush gloss. This adds extra shine and controls frizz and split ends. And there you go, I'm good for the week!

Happy hair days!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Switch House Branding 2014 in the Kitchen

Hello sweet friends! What a week it has been. I'm overdue on blogging for the week so this one is gonna be a ride! This week we have had our annual branding. So as a rancher's wife my line of work for the week is in the kitchen. I've spent the whole week entertaining two small cowbabies along with cooking three meals a day for 11 men! That in itself is a task. It has been a great week of hard work, laughter, and catching up with friends.

Monday I made Pepperjack Ranch burgers. I kept it super simple as this was my first time with two mobile children cooking for the crew. Sam's Club is a complete life saver for the busy Momma and cook. I bought ground sirloin beef burgers. All I had to do was sprinkle them with Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning and cook them up. I topped them off with Pepperjack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. I also did French fries and brownies with ice cream. 

Tuesday I made chicken and beef fajitas with refried beans and homemade Spanish rice. I buy the fajita meat and season it with our favorite El Venado Red Fajita  Seasoning. I have never made my own rice, but this week I forced myself to learn. 

I started by heating the oil and adding in the onion. I let it cook for about five minutes until the onions were tender. Then I added in my rice, and when I began to brown I added in the chicken broth and salsa. I stirred it until throughly mixed and was warm. Easy as that!

Wednesday I treated myself to a super easy day of roast. I put two five pound roast in both crockpots along with potatoes, carrots, celery, and enough water to cover most of the roast  and let slow cook for about 6 hours. I used Cameron's favorite Kenny's All Purpose Seasoning Cajun. Amazingly they only ate one of the roast so I already had dinner. It was even better as dinner. The meat was super tender, it would just fall right off your fork. 

I have some more recipes I would love to share with yall from the week, but that'll be the next blog!! I have an amazing home made Old Fashion Donut recipes that the guys went crazy over Tuesday morning for breakfast! For now it's time for me to tackle the mound of dirty dishes in both sides of the sink and finish rocking this restless baby in my lap. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cowboy's Christmas Wishlist

This lil housewife conducted a super quick interview with the hubs over coffee this morning. So if you have a cowboy to buy for you on your list, well I'll just say this list might be a little helpful. 

1} a roll of snuff This just ensures happiness on not only his part but the entire family's. If you have a dipper in your household you completely understand why. 

2} Yeti Rambler Tumbler These are amazing! They keep what's hot HOT and ice for a day. This is perfect to send them out the door to feed. Get Here!

3} Plainsmans Work Gloves Cameron goes through gloves like crazy. These are pretty inexpensive and good quality. Get Here!

4} Cowboy Honor jeans Cameron loves these jeans and they're made for the working cowboy! Get Here!

5} wild rags 

6} Will James books Get Here!

7} handmade boots

8} iTunes card

9} Mexican candy

10} new saddle from Oliver's Saddle Shop Get Here!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You Are Worthy Momma!

This last week I was gifted some early Christmas money. I was so excited to have a little extra cash to get the kids some new winter clothes. They both are growing like crazy and have outgrown everything warm. Then God sent me a friendly reminder through my favorite devotion Mom's Night Out by Kerri Pomarolli. This is an excellent book and highly recommend it if you're looking for a new devotional with tons of laughs! 

Kerri talks about how her fancy well put together sister in law { we all have them! } bought her a brand new Coach purse for her birthday. Her first thought was how much cash can I get for this thing?! I am so guilty of this as well. She thought that she could get a few cheap purses and sweaters from Mardhall after she sold it on EBay.  She refers to herself as the "queen of garage sells." I myself can totally relate as the queen of thrifting and Target. 

Before she made her decision she used her shiny new Coach purse at the family Thanksgiving. She suddenly noticed a spring in her step and some happiness. We as mothers tend to give ourselves guilt trips when we pamper ourselves to a rare treat. We should embrace the blessings other want to give us and realize we are worthy of them. That's how our Heavenly Father sees us. We are not an item on the dollar table at the thrift store. We are fearfully and beautifully made in His own image. We need to understand that it is okay to treat ourselves every now and then without feeling guilty God wants us to feel cherished. 

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. 
   ~ Psalam 139:14 

So in closing I took heed to this devotion and chose to use the money that was gifted to me on two new Consuela bags I've had my eye on at the local Cavender's for a couple weeks and my first pedicure since Taos was born. I found that I took a little pride and pleasure in my appearance to go teach my sweet two year olds Sunday morning sporting my new bag with my Bible and lesson inside. And did I mention it felt wonderful to soak my toes and have them rubbed while I happily closed my eyes and enjoyed the silence! Go ahead Momma and indulge! You deserve it! It's almost like a mini vacation when you partake in a rare surprise! 

I leave you with two questions that were included in my devotion. 

1} What is your one splurge item you'd buy for yourself if money was no object?

2} Have you ever gotten a gift so fancy you thought you didn't deserve it? What did you do? Would you have done it differently today? 

Dear God, Help me to see myself as You see me: shiny, new, and beautiful, even on days when I feel haggard, tired, and completely spent. Help me to realize how much You value me just for who I am no matter what I do. Thank You for allowing me the grace to treat myself to something special and not feel guilty about it. Amen. 

Happy Wednesday!! Hooray for my dryer getting fixed today, so I can tackle the small mountain of laundry that has been staring at me the past week! Oh and got the cuties posed and snapped for our Christmas card this morning!!  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

10 Awesome Things About December

This morning I'm linking up with the Love The Here and Now Blog to share some of my favorite things about this month! Who doesn't love December?

1} I love celebrating the birth of my Savior! It's very important to me because without His birth the cross wouldn't have the same meaning. Thankful for my salvation! 

2} Baking!! I have always loved to bake, but this year I'm broadening my horizons with the decision of making fudge and my grandmother's Apple sauce cake and ginger snaps for friends and family this Christmas. 

3} This month is our annual branding. We have a big crew that comes to stay a week long with us. The week is full of cooking for me and nothing but hot branding fire for the men. This is one of my most favorite parts of our ranching lifestyle. 

4} I love all the lights! Pecos has bee begging to go see the lights since Thanksgiving night. There are a few hot spots we always hit every Christmas. We also go to the Fantasy of Lights at Midwestern State University and there's a house just up the road that has music to their light show. 

5} Family time! I love that this time a year gives us an excuse to get away from the daily grind and go visit Cameron's family. With Cameron's line of work it isn't easy to get away to go visit. 

6} Everyone you bump into this time of year seems to have a Christmas glow. People are more friendly and cheerful than any other time of year. It helps my faith in humanity. 

7} Victoria Secret Fashion Show!!! Yes, I'm so ready for December 9th!! I watch every year and feel completely fat. But who cares! I love to see the creativity of these super talented designers and see the beautiful girls have fun! 

8} The sheer excitement of giving! I love to see the look on friend's and family's faces when they open their gifts. 

9} Coffee and a warm fire!! 

10} Snuggle time with the family!! It's always nice { even thought some of you hate it } that it gets dark at 5:30. That means Cameron is done with work and there's actually time for a sit down family dinner and time to spend with him after I get the kids bathed and to bed. 

What are your favorite things about this month? Join the link up! 

Christmas 2013 { can't wait to get a new picture of all FOUR of us! } 

Love the Here and Now