Sunday, November 16, 2014

Keeping It Merry and Bright

When Cameron and I got married and celebrated our first Christmas together we were living in the bunkhouse. Pecos was 14 months and I was about three months pregnant with Taos. The bunkhouse was not the ideal place for our first Christmas, yet it holds so many precious memories of our little family. There was no oven for baking much less the room for a tree. I found a way to shove a tree in the corner and was a little sad there would be no baking going on. We enjoyed our Christmas in our cozy one roomed home. It was so sweet to wake up just the three of us and see that Santa had visited and watch Pecos rip into her presents!

This year we are celebrating as a family of four and in our new home! I'll admit I have gone a little crazy already with the decorating. There may or may not be a tree in every room by December 1st. With two sweets I'm so excited to begin fun traditions that we all can enjoy  each Christmas. 

This year I have designated a special tree that's in the family room to wrap a book for each night  from December 1-25. Yes, some of them will be our favorite Holliday books such as "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and other Christmas themed  books. I also didn't want to spend an arm and a leg right off the bat with this tradition.  I love around Christmas time Target and Dollar General have tons of cute Chrsitmas books that are just a buck!  They don't have to be new books either. We have tons of Christmas books already that we haven't read since last Christmas that I'll be wrapping up. 

The first night I will wrap up new blankets for Taos and Pecos along with a book to read before bed time as a family. I also have thought about in each box including a few verses of the Christmas story from the Bible. I enjoy Christmas and all the cheer, but I also want my children to understand the true reason for the season. 

Christmas Eve's box will include new jammies, hot cocoa mix, the final verses of Jesus' birth, a book,& a great Christmas movie to watch as a family before we get all snug in our beds to await the arrival of good ole St. Nick.

I also have a cookie party planned for Pecos. She loves to be helpful in the kitchen, and she would be tickled to death to bake cookies for Santa. She talks a lot about him lately. Bring on the carols, sprinkles, cookie cutters, apron, and a good old fashion mess!! 

What Christmas traditions do you do with your family? Are you trying a new tradition this year? Let me know!! 



  1. My babes love bedtime stories and I think you have some great ideas for celebrating Christmas!