Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Got my List and I'm Checking it Twice:Taos Ray

The Holliday season is upon us once again!! Bring on the lights, fruit cakes, crazy aunts { oh right, that's ME }, and the shopping! This year I have decided to stay outta the shopping mayhem and do all my gift gettin online. This gives me a wonderful reason to be hitting up Etsy!! 

I never knew shopping for a little boy could be so much fun till this spring when I found my beloved Etsy. With a name like Taos Ray, one must totally live up to it!! I myself { as I'm sure I radiate } love original everything!! My babies names are a sure giveaway for that! I have a great love for Navajo print anything and everything! This came in very handy when I wanted my little Taos to have an awesome nursery and not that yuck light baby blue slathered in bears and puppies onsie suits. I have had so many questions about where I get his clothing, blankets, and so on. So here is my Christmas shopping guide for your little man { my style } 

Pictured above is Taos wearing Monkey Feet Shop bibs/bandanas. My little man is quite the drooler! I never really used bibs with my daughter, but with Taos they are a must have on a daily basis. I love the way you can take a plain white t shirt or solid onsie and give it such a stylish look with a bib! You just can't beat such a cute look that even serves the purpose of keeping your sweet dry and warm. 

Starting in the top left corner, I found this great simple gray Navajo and teal stripped pattern bib bandana in the Itty Biddy and Company shop. They fit from baby to toddler. This stylish and soft bandana works great as a bib for drooly babies, a scarf for toddlers.  Make a mess on one side? No worries! Just turn the bandana around and you've got a fresh, clean look! 

The next down comes from Sheh Lah Nanaban Designs. The sizing on this one is newborn to six months. It is 100% cotton with a 100% polyester backing. 

The fox bib also comes from Monkey Feet Shop. It is made with organic bamboo and organic cotton. I personally just can't pass up a cute little fox pattern! With a two snap option this bib fits 3 months to 3 years old! 

Our last featured bib also comes from Itty Bitty and Company. I just love the black and white tribal pattern. It also fits newborn to 3 years old. 

I absolutely love all four of these shirts, along with many more from The Kids Next Door. As you know I'm an arrow addict, a Jesus lover, and I mustache you, what's a Texas boy without a "Don't Tread On Me" shirt?! I love the originality of their designs and the bold colors they choose to print them on. You definitely need to check out their whole collection. They even have shirts for Mommas and Daddies! I've also got some shirts for Pecos picked out that I'll feature on herChristmas  list blog. 

This bull outfit comes from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Sugar Plumb Lane Baby. The Horns long sleeved and Horns leggings are made of 100% organic cotton. The sizes range from newborn to kids large. I love the geometrical design of the bull. This set is at the top of Taos' list! Can't wait to place my order!! 

Taos is definitely a hat baby! I believe that you must always top a great look of with a killer hat. With the cooler weather on the horizon I'm totally obsessed with slouchy beanies.  They're way cuter on babies than on your average fuzzy hipster! The first beanie comes from This Little Piggy Moccs. They offer this lightweight beanie in many different fabrics, and even in organic cottons. They have some great prints that you must check out! The one pictured is one my absolute faves! The last beanie is from Studz and Baby Dollz. They are lightweight and super soft, they are a must for every season. Scrunch it down for a hipster modern look. 

I absolutely love Taos' room, but it is lacking a few small details to finish it up! I found some great prints from the Printed Palette.  They are printed on high quality card stock and are ready to frame in the frame of your choice! I have two blank walls left to fill and these are a perfect start. 

Since Taos is a summer baby he is in desperate need of some heavier duty blankets for this winter. I found this southwestern black diamond crib blanket at the Mod Fox. It will go perfect with his tepee sheets.  It is a good size for your baby to your toddlers. It makes it great for sleeping in his crib, laying it out on the floor to play, and wrapping him up to go out in the harsh winter months. 

I hope you have found some inspiration in my Christmas list for the dude! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see where I have pinned each item. 



  1. I love this! I'm always looking for cute and unique tee's for Austin and these are just perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed!! Happy shopping!!

  3. I always LOVE the pics of Tao's clothes and blankets and accessories!

  4. Thank you!! I enjoy it a little too much...shopping that is!