Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Five Forks Tea House

Today Pecos Jane and I had a little date....well I guess you could call it that! We attended a funeral of a family friend while sick daddy and sleeping bubba stayed home. We shared our date with our big buddy Sebastian! He's a pretty special guy to me. He taught me how to tie my shoes and ride a horse. After the funeral we went and ate lunch at a super cute new place in our hometown called Five Forks Tea House. I love everything about this place! The food { cooked by my super talented mama } and decor { also by my mama and talented owner Judy Miller } are wonderful!! 

The back wall is my favorite! It is so eclectic ranging from deer sheds to elegant silver platters. Not to mention those chandeliers! The steel blue wall color just pulls it all together. 

As far as food we ordered the grilled chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun with homemade macaroni and cheese along with the chicken tortilla soup. The portions are just the right size to fill you up. Sebastian even ordered the grilledchicken  sandwich to go for his dinner. For desert Pecos and I ordered salted caramel cupcakes { um to die for made by Kelsee Newton } and cheesecake with gorgeous eatable flowers garnished on the top. 

The service was super quick and friendly! Everything was absolutely perfect and I do believe we will be visiting very often. It is a cool drink of water to our town. Living in a small town there aren't very many places to choose from to dine at and especially that offer such a beautiful and unique atmosphere. If you're ever passing through Archer City you have to stop by even if it's for a quick cup of tea and cupcake! 

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  1. Yummy food & cute decor! Love it! Wish I could visit there.