Wednesday, November 26, 2014

15 Things I'm Thankful for this Thanksgiving

1} my salvation in Jesus Christ and by His blood my sins are forgiven and I'm assured a mansion on the streets of gold 

2} my wonderful incredibly handsome and hard working husband he works hard so I can stay home with the sweets

3} my babies Pecos Jane and Taos Ray I don't care how many times people told me I was crazy while I was pregnant with Taos they are 19 months apart and it's challenging at times but I'm so glad they're close in age their love for each other  is the most precious thing on this earth 

4} ranching it's the absolute best way of life there is out there as a child I was taught how to work hard and take care of business America could learn a thing or two from this lifestyle 

5} my nieces and nephews I love them like their my own children I would take each one of them in a heartbeat 

6} donuts I love em they are always my favorite treat no matter the occasion or time of day with sprinkles 

7} jewelry even if I am a stay at home mom you can usually find me at least a couple of bracelets daily sometimes it just feels good to accessorize!

8} the sweet family I married into I love them so much Cameron's family has always been so accepting and loving toward me I'm truly blessed 

9} my bed and nap time especially when all my house work is done and I can sneak a Momma nap in

10} being a stay at home mom I'm so happy I get to experience each first with my babies 

11} a positive attitude...I have most of the time but I pray to have one all the time!

12} my Fabulash that gives me amazingly long thick lashes!

13} bright colored lipstick my signature is red but I love to stray to a fun pink or orange 

14} music I don't know what I would do without it I love all kinds and when I say that I mean my listening ranges from Johnny Cash to Edward Sharpe 

15} I'm thankful for my blog and my readers this helps me out from day to day it's nice to share my thoughts and feelings with you and thank you so much for reading 

I hope y'all enjoy time with your family this Thanksgiving! What are some things y'all are thankful for? 

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